Unusual Gift Ideas For Diwali


Hello my dearies!


Wish you all a prosperous Diwali. I hope all of you are geared up for the festival of lights. I really love the family time, the festivities and of course the Pooja. Not to forget about the gifts we get and give. So, what are you planning to give to your loved ones? I have some cool ideas that you could try. These are convenient to give, and are quite in demand. They would also make you appear unique and special when you give it to your loved ones.


So let me share here the gifts I am considering this year and may be you could share your views:

Spa vouchers


Yes! They might seem a little odd to few people but these are like totally awesome. I mean I don’t mind receiving them from my family or friends then why I should shy away from receiving them either. Rather these would mean relaxation and happy moments for the person you give to. I am considering it for my mom and mom-in-law.

Shopping vouchers


This is an idea I had been contemplating for my friends. This is something you can gift and make the person choose the attire or accessories or may be perfumes etc. by choosing themselves on your behalf. Many retailers have started their vouchers and are easy to grab.

Recycled products


These are quite eco-friendly and are definitely trending. You are able to get packed set of products like soaps, creams that are good for the skin and are definitely good to give to your loved ones.

Fab Bag or Envy Box Subscriptions


With the festive season on you can definitely try this for your loved ones. Buy them subscriptions for the initial period.

my envy box edition october 2016

This is definitely a superb way to show your love and warmth specially to women.

Home-Made chocolates


Most people are moving towards home-made chocolates that are sold through online or stall channels. These are good options against the ready made packaging that you get at the retail shops. If you yourself can make the chocolates at home nothing like it!

Hand-made Diyas


This might appear common but you cannot help as it is the festival of lights we are talking about.


Loads of options are available in decorative lamps and these are definitely good to be gifted.

Online gifts


Of course with the entire e-commerce world beaming with options to gift, you sure can gift your loved ones something from there. This is the most convenient option as you need not mug yourself in the traffic to get the gift yourself. Agreed that meeting personally is the best option but it is definitely not viable in today’s world when traffic mars you from such emotions.

I hope you identify with the problem of traffic and the solution I gave you.

These options as I suggested are all in consideration of the things we think about and the things we actually are able to manage on Diwali. All these gifts are not bounded by time and reach rather you could instantly order them and sit back and relax. The idea of meeting can be taken care of by video calling options and you could be with your loved ones in your own way.

Hope you liked the ideas. Do share your opinions.


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