Upper Lip Hair Removal- Pros And Cons


Upper Lip Hair Removal- Pros And Cons

These days there is a raging debate about whether or not a girl has to remove hair from her face and body. Many say that it should be a choice and no one should tell girls to do it. Whatever your stance might be but the fact is that most girls simply do not like to have that fuzz anywhere on there bodies. We are extra careful about our faces.

Dealing with facial hair can be tricky as not every method suits every girl. It is more like a trial and error method in the beginning. Once you discover what works best for you, you are set. I am listing some pros and cons of the popular facial hair removal methods so that you can get an idea about what will suit you-


facial waxing

This is a very easy way to to deal with facial hair. Use ready made wax strips or better still use peel wax as it is meant especially for facial skin. You can get wax done at a salon.

Pros– Slows hair regrowth, cheap, quick.

Cons– Messy, can cause irritation, painful, may lead to loose skin, can burn the skin, may lead to ingrowth.


ways to remove chin and neck hair

This is a popular method of hair removal in our country. Just like your eyebrows, you can get the rest of your ppe lip hair threaded as well. You can do threading at home too once you get the hang of it. Learn it at a salon or watch a video on Youtube.

Pros- No irritation, hygienic, suitable for sensitive skin.

Cons- skin may get cuts if done carelessly, slow.


all about laser hair removal

Getting laser treatment on upper lip hair is another option to try. Laser is a hit or miss method. If it works for you then you will get smooth skin for life. If it doesn’t work then you will end up losing money. It is often said that laser does not suit Indian skin. Laser targets darker areas and so works effectively on light skin with dark hair. I think that this property makes it more suitable for fair complexioned girls. But again there are exceptions and do your research regardless of your skin tone before getting laser hair removal.

Pros– permanent, not too painful.

Cons– expensive, many sittings are needed, can cause irritation, not suitable for everyone.


braun mini epilator cleansing brush

Epilator hurts but not too much compared to waxing. It pulls out hair from root. Very small hair can easily be caught in an epilator. Epilation is gaining popularity and some face-specific epilators are also available in market.

Pros– Quick, less regowth, removes very small hair too.

Cons– may lead to ingrowth, painful.


wet n wild brow kit review + brow shaping kit review

If you do not have a lot of hair on upper lips then you can opt for plucking. Plucking each hair takes time and hurts as well but plucking pulls hair from root and delays regrowth. You can use ice to numb the area.

Pros- Cheap, fine regowth.

Cons– Time consuming, painful.

Depilatory Creams

veet naturals hair removal

These creams are quite quick in facial hair removal. Not every depilatory cream is fit for face so be careful.

Pros- quick, cheap.

Cons– quick regrowth, may cause irritation, messy.

Which is your favorite method for Upper Lip Hair Removal?

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