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Urban Decay
Eyeliners come in various options – liquid, gel and pencils. Well all three have their own pros and cons.

Liquid liners are for artistic fingers and one can achieve amazing lines and shapes with precision.  But it may not be easy for amateur make-up enthusiasts.


Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Zero (Black)  Review+urban decay eyeliner

Gel liners are little easier on application. The look isn’t as glossy as liquid liners. It tends to turn matte.
Pencil liners are for all the beginners in make-up for fuss free application.  You get the maximum colors in pencil liners too. But this may not be an artist’s favorite.

I prefer a gel based eyeliner because it suits me perfect, especially for my cat eyes look. I am not an artist but with years of practice I am not an amateur too.  I use an Urban Decay – Ink for eyes – Zero, which is dark black in color.



Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Zero (Black)  Review Brush+eyeliner review


It’s a beautifully designed vertical box which almost looks like a harmonica. Comes with a full size mirror on the lid and also a duo sided brush. One side is an angular brush and other is a smudger for the smokey look. The texture is smooth and glides on the skin. The pigmentation is nice dark black. The length of the brush is apt too. It’s perfect for a basic liner or for the cat eye look or the smokey look.

 Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Zero On My Eyes:-


Urban Decay Ink for Eyes  Winged EOTD type1+where to buy urban decay

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes  EOTD type2+best liquid eyeliner



  • Packaging – 5/5
  • Pigmentation – 5/5
  • Lasting Power – 4.8/5
  • Price – USD 22/-
  • Where did I get it from? – A gift from BFF.
  • Brush – 4/5 (I would prefer the bristles to be harder)


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  1. oh this brings back memories! Years ago, before hardcore indian beauty blogs cropped up, I remember seeing this on a girl’s blog who was indian but lived abroad.It made me wish so bad that such products wud be made available here. Lovely packaging and ur EOTDs are truly beautiful! :yes: :-))

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