Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette Review, Swatches & FOTD


Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette


Hello my ladies,

It has just been a year that I am in the blogger circle, the pleasure to be a part of this lovely place, the pleasure to know you all, everything seems sooo pleasurable 😀 . I remember the time when I used to faint upon hearing a lipstick costing 200 rupees; I only knew Elle 18 color pops then, which was just a hundred rupees. Then things changed, and now I find myself splurging on cosmetics and makeup products like never before. Result?? I can see NAKED1, NAKED2 and NAKED 3 pallet proudly gracing my dressing table.


Urban decay cosmetics naked3

urban decay naked3


Being a student I really had to save each and every penny for this since months. And this March, I had this wonderful opportunity to finally have them. Sophia was taking orders for UD, MAC, NARS and many such brands which are not available in India, and I quickly placed my orders for these, NARS orgasm blush and MAC Viva Glam Rihanna.


Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion


So here is my review for Urban Decay NAKED 3 pallet.

Price: 52$ for 0.60oz..ahmm… Though I actually had to pay some more for this.

Packaging: Love at first site. The packaging is beautifully stylish. A rose old pencil box like case and waves like texture all over the lid. The color of the box represents the shades inside and it comes with a nice dual ended synthetic brush and sample primer potion of their all four formulas.


Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette brush

Urban Decay NAKED3 eyeshadow brush


Shade wise Details : This pallet consists of rosy toned neutrals. I love the mix of mattes, satin and shimmery ones. The colors look so pretty next to each other. A very feminine pallet with pretty shades and superb texture. They blend easily and are thus easy to work with.


Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette swatches


Starting from Left to Right:

  • Strange:  It is a very nice pinkish ivory shade which works great as a highlighter and it have a matte-satin finish. Very smooth texture and is great to work with. Stays long too.
  • Dust: A chunky metallic pink shade. Shimmery, falls out and doesn’t blend well. But it looks pretty when just dabbed lightly over other shades.
  • Burnout: A very pretty rosy champagne shade. It can be worn all over the lid or just on the inner corner for that pop. Texture is smooth, easily blendable, stays long. I love this shade.
  • Limit: This is dusky rose and is a matte one. The texture is smooth and blends easily, but true to its name, it has limited pigmentation and staying power.
  • Buzz: Rosiest of all the 12 shades. Sometimes look like a rosy taupe, sometimes a pinky rose. A shimmery shade and can be worn all over lids. Well pigmented, smooth texture and easy to apply and blend, stays long.
  • Trick:  Looks rosy gold on the pallet, but more gold on lids. Falls out and is not pigmented as the rest, but I love rosy gold on my lids. It is smooth in texture, and can be used on all over lids again.
  • Nooner: Another matte shade, it is like brownish rose, best for using in the crease. Decently pigmented and works well blending with other shades.
  • Liar:  A rosy mauvey grey. Ahhmm..that is what I feel like. A pretty unique color, can be used all over lid. Texture is smooth, no fall outs, pigmented and stays long.
  • Factory: A satin finish rosy brown. Well pigmented, smooth texture, can be used all over lids, or on crease as well. Stays long.
  • Mugshot: Silvery rosy grey. Smooth, well pigmented, satiny, stays long.
  • Darkside:- Another favorite. Rosey taupe in satin finish which is super dark and can be used on outer corners. Blends smoothly and stays long.
  • Blackheart: My most favorite. It’s a black shimmery one with hints of burgundy. A very unique shade and it really stands out in the pallet. Looks very exotic. It is incredibly pigmented and stays for hours and hours.


Urban Decay NAKED 3 EOTD


Summing Up my Likes and Dislikes:

What I like about Urban Decay NAKED 3 pallet:

  • Fresh array of colors from pale pinks to gorgeous blacks.
  • Perfect mix of satin, matte and shimmery shades.
  • Smoothest of textures..totally dream..
  • Blends easily.
  • No fallouts except for one or two.
  • Decent to high pigmentation.
  • Doesn’t fade evenly or crease.
  • Stays strong for long.
  •  Beautiful sturdy packaging.
  • Good quality dual-ended brush.
  • Primer Potion included (though sample sized)
  • Mirror for easy touch ups.

What I don’t like about Urban Decay NAKED 3 pallet:

  • Price :’(
  • Availability in India

Am I Happy with Urban Decay NAKED 3 pallet??
Yes, definitely.. I love this pallet and I am sooo happy that I got it. It is a bunch of pretty feminine colors that can be worn during the day and night as well. The shades look so fresh and am soooo very satisfied with this. The more I am playing with the colors, the more I am working with it, the happier I feel.


Urban Decay NAKED 3 FOTD


Would I recommend Urban Decay NAKED 3 pallet to others ?
Seriously? Are you seriously waiting for my recommendation?? LOL…
I have really been enjoying this. So a 100% recommendation..Go and grab it…

Rating: 4.9/5

Have you tried Urban Decay NAKED 3 ?

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  1. Great review Madhu…even I had similar outlook for makeup before Wise she happened…

    These UD palettes are my recent crush and after your amazing review, now I can’t wait..!

    Loved your Eye makeup and FOTDs dear..! :-* :-*

  2. You look absolutely stunning in each pic and I am so jealous of your Naked palette collection… I haven’t even got one! But then again, I do suck at eye makeup.. :p

    • pleaseeee…u kidding me??!!! u have such cute eyes, and i remember how beautifully u had applied the eyeliner in one of ur reviews ..street wear as far as i remember…!!!

  3. I very well agree with u girl, congrats on finally getting all the three, I am also thinking to get one, u have done such lovely eye makeup and loveee ur FOTD :))

  4. Madhu u saved me some work….;p I was gonna send it naked 3 – I have naked 1. and 3 .For girls in mumbai its avlb at Beautiful stores for 4690 – if ill r interested . I got mine from Singapore.

  5. this is the best review of this palette I have read so far!! detailed and very well written.. thank you dear 🙂 loved the looks you created.. I ordered mine few days back and waiting for it to arrive.. so excited 😀

    • thats a huge compliment sweets…Thanks a ton Mayuri….!!! n don’t forget to share with us ur experiences on the pallet…!!

  6. Wow! Superbly detailed review Madhu :yes: :yes: Lovely pics. U made us all sooo jealous wid ur awesome collectipn :inlove:

    • thanks a zillion Nafisa…!!! i am seriosly sooo very satisfied..and relieved too, that my money didnt go down the drain…get yours fast 😀

  7. Wow! Superbly detailed review Madhu :yes: :yes: Lovely pics. U made us all sooo jealous wid ur awesome collection :inlove:

  8. Madhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nk 33333333333333333333333333333 😛 hehehehe awesome ……happy for u dear .muahhhhhhhhhhhhh <3 ur eotd rocking 🙂

  9. Ooooooh wow all 333!!!!! (Kindly visualize ekta Kapoor style camera zooming into my face three three three times) but jokes apart stunning eye makeup and I loved your review… Next investment, after I learn some basic makeup… 🙂 thanks for such a lovely review.

  10. I am sorry you mentioned you placed an order for it with Sophia? Could you refer her to me or vice or vice versa, I totally want UD3. Also, did you incurr any additional charges?

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