Urinary tract infection-its causes and prevention

Every woman suffers from Urinary tract Infection at least once in her life time. This is just next to respiratory infection .Though danger of developing this infection remains throughout a women life but it is maximum seen in her adult hood. Those women who have been through the pain will not deny the fact that it is a very painful and sometimes it is embarrassing to have this infection.

In Urinary Tract Infection bacteria enters the urethra which is the lowest tube of the urinary tract from which urine passes from the body. If it is not treated in time it gets multiplied and move into kidney creating a dangerous condition.

A person suffering from urinary tract infection generally does not recognize the symptoms and continue with it. Few people do recognize it provided if they are aware about it.

Symptoms includes:-
1. Repeated desire and a strong urge to urinate.
2. There is some itching and a burning sensation while urinating.
3. Urinating in small amount but frequently.
4. Smell in urine.
5. Blood in the urine (hematuria)
6. Fever
7. Nausea or vomiting


1. Sexual Intercourse-Sometimes bacteria in the vaginal area get massaged into the urethra.

2. Women who work in the field generally wait for long to urinate .This attracts infection. This is because the bladder gets stretched beyond its capacity .This weakens the muscles of the bladder.

3. Pregnancy, diabetes, menopause increases the risk of this infection.

Preventive measure:-

1.One of the best reedy of UTI is to drink lots and lots of water.

2. Maintain hygiene and wash the genital with alum water.

3. Change your undergarments daily and if possible twice during the summer season. Do not use tight, synthetic underwear’s and avoid wearing tight jeans.

4. Empty the bladder at regular intervals before retiring ,before sexual intercourse and after sexual intercourse.

5. Boost your body immunity by healthy food, regular exercise and avoiding drugs, stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and over indulgence in sex.

6.Keep your toilet clean.

7.Increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet. You can have cranberry juice which has high concentration of vitamin C.

8.Urinate frequently and not holding urine in the bladder when the need to go arises.

One recognized women should visit the doctor immediately and can continue with the herbal remedy and prevention measures .Don’t forget to consult your doctor before using the remedies because it might be possible that doctor is giving you enough doze of vitamin C and other required salts.


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