Useful DIY Beauty Projects


Useful DIY Beauty Projects

There are many a times we look for some creative side of ours to produce something of a sort which we saw somewhere on a magazine or may be in some movie or something unique as well. There are quite a few interesting things that can be done using your free time and unused products at home. Let’s see a few DIY Projects that could make you unique in your own way.

Making a Beaded Neckpiece at home

 jewellery review

Material Required:

  • Beads Enough in number to cover your neck
  • Scissors
  • Cello Tape
  • Ribbons or Lace- Choose as per your choice of using it as the lace here for your necklace matching it with your attire


Step 1: Take a piece of cello-tape, large enough to cover one open end of the ribbon. Take the ribbon and slide it to form a straw-like shape as shown in the picture. Now wrap it with the cello tape and roll it to prevent it from opening again until it forms a needle-like thin shape.

Step 2: Now insert the beads into the ribbon one by one taking measurement of the ribbon according to your neck size and length of the neck piece as required.

Step 3: You are almost done now. You may now decide on tying the lace at the back of your neck or as a bow on either side of your neck as shown in the picture.

So! You are then ready for the show in your own uniquely stylized necklace matching your outfit.

Making Lip Gloss from a Lipstick

beautiful lipgloss

Material Required:

  • One Lipstick that you would love in a shimmery tone
  • Vaseline or Lip Balm
  • Knife
  • A container to store the lip gloss


  • Cut a blob out of lipstick of about 0.5 inches in size as shown in the attached image.
  • Now mix the blob that you cut with a decent amount of Vaseline to cover the blob, usually half a teaspoon works for this much of a piece.
  • Put the mixture in the container and use the knife to mix the two completely.
  • Smoothen the newly formed mixture until it looks neat and decent.

Your gloss is ready! You may check the texture compared to your lipstick and find it to be glossier.

Making Home Made shampoo with your regular shampoo

shampoo how to make

Material Required:

  • Two eggs (you may take more or less depending on your hair length)
  • Your shampoo
  • Lemon
  • Essential Oil


  • Take the two eggs in a bowl and two teaspoon of your shampoo to it
  • Add lemon juice to it without seeds
  • Put a few drops of essential oil to the mixture
  • Now blend the entire mixture and apply on your head as a normal shampoo
  • Wash it off with normal water and see the effect

The use of this shampoo reduces the impact of chemicals on your hair and gives it natural shine thanks to the use of lemon drops and eggs. The use of oil takes away the smell of the eggs and gives a softer texture as well. Lemon also acts well on your scalp and cleanses it to give you healthy hair.

All these DIY techniques are definitely a must try. All it takes is a little time but the result is something extraordinary, isn’t it?

Have you tried any of these Beauty Projects before?

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