Uses Of Lacto Calamine For Face | Lacto Calamine Benefits


Uses Of Lacto Calamine For Face | Lacto Calamine Benefits

Lacto Calamine has always been a cult favorite product while growing up during twenties when I had ongoing hormonal issues and also had some diet related concerns which triggered my acne problem! Then I could only use Lacto Calamine on the face because it was really gentle. It never aggravated my existing pimples instead reduced them considerably!

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This is a medicated product made by Piramal Healthcare. It is a very known brand in the ever so growing Pharmaceuticals sector. Its ingredient list is also really impressive with glycerin, water, kaolin, castor oil. All of these are really great ingredients used for the skin to treat various problems!

It also has zinc oxide & zinc carbonate in it which makes it suitable to wear in the sun and protects the skin from sun damage! Zinc is also a great substance which is known to treat acne problems as well. 🙂

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Use Lacto Calamine To Treat Pimples

If you are someone who gets occasional pimples just before your periods then it is a good choice of moisturizer. Men too can use it on the clean face if they frequently get acne & it is not an underlying hormonal problem because then it won’t completely treat the acne still it will keep it subsided!

Use Lacto Calamine For Gentle Skincare

Usually, during the teen years the skin is very sensitive and it is not advised to use chemical based moisturizers which adults can use on younger kids & teenagers so this can also be used for an age appropriate gentle skincare for daily hydration and nourishment!

Use Lacto Calamine For Daily Coverage-

Made from Kaolin, it also gives a mild coverage to the face which means you can skip the BB Cream and use lacto calamine to keep your skin fresh & hydrated without feeling conscious about the uneven skin tone on certain parts of the face!

Use Lacto Calamine For Sun Protection-

You can also use lacto calamine lotion to protect the skin from sun damage! The glycerine & zinc compounds in it keep your skin soft & supple and don’t let the sun rays harm your sensitive skin!

Use Lacto Calamine Lotion During Extreme Humid Climate

I can vouch for this because I never found any other moisturizer which made my skin completely matte. It doesn’t stretch my skin during the extreme summers when anything you apply on the face, doesn’t work right. You can use it to keep the skin fresh for long hours and controls oil to a great extent. Also it just takes few seconds to get absorbed on the face and you are all good to head out in the sun without any worry! 🙂

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Use Lacto Calamine To Treat Skin Problems

Sometimes we develop certain skin issues like scaly skin, itchiness or skin peeling when the weather changes its course. So you can use this medicated skin hydrating moisturizer to treat those skin issues with the Lacto Calamine Lotion easily!

Being an ardent fan of this “Miracle in a bottle” lotion, I can say this is really very safe to use even on sensitive skin & problematic skin as well and when all the big brand skincare products fail to work on such skin, Lacto Calamine is always a great idea for the most gentle & healthy nourishment. 🙂

Hope you find this article useful. And if you have any other queries about Lacto Calamine, do drop in the comments section!

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