Using Flowers For Diwali Decoration


By Stuti Khurana

Using Flowers For Diwali Decoration

With just a day left for the grand festival of lights, it is the time of the year where creativity as to how to decorate your abode is at its best. Although rangoli, diyas & candles are traditionally used to decorate, fresh flowers can take your Diwali decorations to a whole new level.

Whether it is bouquets, garlands, loose flowers or even a few petals, flowers can add a magical elegance to your decor. So, this Diwali, let the flowers take over and make this grand festival even more grand.


rangoli picturew

Rangoli is the most prominent decoration during Diwali which is created using powder colors, chalk, paint, grains, rice, etc. To make it look more appealing, flowers of different colors & textures can be used. They are eye-catching & easy to decorate. Marigold flower or gende ka phool is a Diwali tradition & rose petals are a particular favorite to decorate rangolis. In addition, you can make use of leaves too. Make circles and squares and fill them up with vivid flower petals. Add diyas around it to create a magical look. You can also use Lotus petals to make it stand out.

Floating Diyas & Flowers:

floating diyas

Flowers and Diya decorations go hand-in-hand during Diwali. You can create centerpieces with floating flowers in a brass urli along with some floating diyas & candles. These look extremely elegant & never get old. You can experiment with orchids, roses, marigold & daisies. You can also add fruits like cranberries, grapes & cherries to make it look even more stunning & vibrant.

Toran With Flowers:


Torans are placed at the entrance of the house to welcome the guests & set the festive spirit going on. These can be created by using mango leaves or coconut leaves. Add fresh flowers to make it look more colorful. Made from aromatic flowers, these toran hangings are perfect to decorate the doors. You may also use artificial flowers which can be washed and re-used later.

Diwali Thalis:

diwali celeberation

You can use flowers to decorate the thalis (trays) in your home to offer sweets to the guests by gluing flowers on, or by gluing glue dried flowers to streams of satin ribbon. Flowers are an indispensable part of pujas & they can make your pooja thalis look even more divine. Simply put some flowers on the thali in a particular design, spread glitter & then place the pooja items.

Decorate with Flowers & Garlands:


Divert away from artificial lights & fancy frills & place lots of fresh and brightly colored flowers in tall vases around your home whose fragrance will add to the ambiance. Get flowers and decorate the entrance and stairways. They always look exquisite whether it is a centerpiece bouquet, a flower chandelier or a long-stemmed bud in a vase. You can also hang flower garlands on the main door with mango leaves and other lovely door decorations.

I am going to use most of these decorations ideas for my home!

How are you going to use flowers for Diwali decoration?

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