Using Toothbrush In Your Beauty Regime


Using Toothbrush In Your Beauty Regime

Did you ever look at your toothbrush this way? Well, I am amazed at the most useful product of the year for me! I never knew while doing the brushing of my teeth that there is much more to this gadget (if I may call it and convince you by the end of this post, to call it so too) than merely saving my teeth from dental problems. Toothbrush should be renamed to may be magic brush or something and you would agree once you go through what I have brought to the table for you to realize.

Toothbrush can be used to serve the following on a daily basis:

tooth brush for brows

As a spool to tame your eyebrows: Yes! Don’t feel astonished; rather try it to believe it. Toothbrush can be used to shape your eyebrows and take care of the stray hair if any. You can simply pluck the unwanted ones, of course, that you feel can be done on your own! Do not think of replacing it with your regular parlour routines. But yes, it can save you on emergency days when you simply need to pluck those unwanted hair.

As a Lip Exfoliator:

infant tooth brush for lip exfoliation

You can use your toothbrush as an exfoliator by simply brushing it on your lips in circular motions. Apply some petroleum jelly like Vaseline and use the toothbrush to find a chap less and crease less feel on your lips making them clean.

As a comb or hair brush or ring cleaner:

You can clean the lumps in your combs that look ugly using toothbrush and warm water. While cleaning a comb, soak it in warm water and then clean it using a toothbrush. Same way clean your hair brush using a toothbrush. It can also clean your rings effectively. Just reverse the ring and rub a toothbrush over it with or without soap.

As a lump cleaner:

toothbrush for mascara

After applying mascara, your eye lashes feel clumped isn’t it? Use a toothbrush to de-clump your lashes and separate them from each other perfectly.

As a manicure tool:

tooth brush for nails

Toothbrush can effectively clean your nails and underneath nail skin. You can also use it to exfoliate your palm and skin on your hand for a great manicure at home. It can effectively take care of cuticles as well.

As a dry shampoo applicator:

You can also use your toothbrush to reach the roots of your hair while applying a dry shampoo. Often we take a lump of shampoo ad using our hands to apply a dry shampoo which not only leads to over-usage but also is not reaching the roots effectively quite often. With a limited quantity applied over a toothbrush, we can reach the roots and at the same time use a decent quantity to enhance our usage of the dry shampoo

Get rid of small and ingrown hair:

Tips to avoid shaving nicks for women

While cleaning or shaving our arms and legs, we often find some hair under the skin which do not come off easily. With a toothbrush, you can actually get rid of them. All you need to do is to simply apply an exfoliation cream on the bristles and run over the arms or legs, whatever you are shaving. You will find the hair coming off easily without much effort. See what miracles, can a toothbrush perform for you.

I am sure you by now agree when I say a toothbrush should be renamed to something like a miracle brush or something. I am totally in awe of this brush now as it can come in handy for those petty tasks which often either stay with us pricking us or we choose to avoid them.

Have you tried using a tooth brush in these many uses?

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