Vaadi Herbals Neem Face Pack Reviews



  • The product claims: Removes acne and pimples, clears blemishes, reduces skin aging.
  • Quantity: 100 ml


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  • Price: 58/-




  • Complete list is not given 🙁
  • Neem can lighten scars and pigmentation, soothe and moisturize dry and cracked skin,and if the skin problem is due to some infection, neem deals with that as well.
  • Clove fights acne.
  • Turmeric helps in reducing pigmentation even out skin tone. It heals acne and fights free radicals.
  • Tea tree oil heals and controls acne.


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  • How to use  the face pack– Apply on pimples and scars .let stay for 15-20 minutes. Wash and pat dry.


My experience with Vaddi Neem Face Pack 


  •  This one is another weapon of mine in the ever going battle with acne and scars. And for a change, this one worked a little. I have a bad history of anti acne products not working for me. So when this worked, it was like a breath of fresh air.


What I liked about Vaadi Neem Face Pack


  • Its dirt cheap. I got it from Urban Touch.
  • The consistency is very smooth so spreading is very easy.
  • Availability is not an issue as it’s easily available online.
  • Now coming to its effect. The first time, I used it for spot application. By the way, I only use it for spot application. I had this new pimple popping out so I dabbed it on it for few hours.  The pain decreased in just an hour. When I washed it, I couldn’t believe my eyes….. The pimple was gone. Yes …. Without leaving any scar. Just like that. I wastotally amazed. Second time I applied it, the pimple didn’t budge. I was confused. The same thing happened third time too but the fourth time pimple disappeared. So am guessing that it works on some pimples only. I mean, there are different reasons behind every pimple so it works on some and doesn’t work on others. I know, it’s a lame argument but I don’t have any other. Do tell me if you know. I am happy with it though. If it helps even a few times, more than enough for me.


Turmeric face pack reviews+Neem face pack reviews



What  I do not like about Vaadi Neem Face Pack 


  • The smell stings in eyes. I apply it scarcely, still it stings. Imagine the effect of full face application. Tears will be the result.
  • It’s not a failsafe method.
  • If you don’t like online shopping, then getting it will be so difficult. I haven’t seen this brand anywhere.


Face pack Neem+Turmeric face pack reviews


Tub packaging could be a bone of contention for some

Verdict: This is the only product which worked for me so I am going to keep it along till I get the sure shot product. It’s worth a try for acne prone girls. It’s cheap, easily available so there is nothing to lose.

Rating -4/5


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  1. ii knew this review was Ashu’s the min i saw the title! Hehe..

    M amazed that this works so well…pimple reduction in 1hr??? Its unthinkable!!! I wish this wud work d same fr all…wud b a miracle product..

    • it did work . i was amazed. i couldnt believe my eyes. i actually searched my whole face ki kahi aur to nahi hai na :laugh: as i said na ki 10 me se 3-4 bar bhi kam kare to bahut hai

  2. too bad it stings 🙁 Am a li’l worried now…i just bought fabindia’s clove gelpack n am wondering if it’ll hav the same reaction :-/

  3. Can u suggest a readily available pimple pack please m having non stop breakouts for the last couple of weeks n they r leaving scars on my face.I have dry skin 😥 anamika help

  4. Thanks anamika for suggesting to read the post .I once had acne one year back n the derma had given me a very strong antibioticnamed Tufacne to b taken for 1 month .I had completed the course but next time i donot want to take it coz i read a lot about the negative side effects.THE DERMA HAD ALSO GIVEN ME A FACECLIN GEL TO APPLY ON THE PIMPLES ONLY, A LUCIDUM LOTION TO B USED AS FACEWASH N DERMA DEW ALOE LOTION AS MOISTURISER.It had helped that time but i didnot want to take such a strong antobiotic the second time maybe i will use Mitra’s gel n the retinol cream to see if it improves ,its so irritating wen u have pimples wen u have dry skin n u know that the treatment for it may dry up ur face more.Anyways thanks a lot anamika u r always so helpful

  5. guysssssssss is did pack rally good?i m confused bcoz nw i dnt hav dat much pimples but dat scares r der so anyone can tell me any effctive pack


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