Various Contouring Techniques


Various Contouring Techniques

Makeup itself is a great art and has the power to transform the look of a person substantially. You may have admired the B-town actresses in some of your favorite movies as to how perfect they look. Well, it has a lot to do with the makeup tactics that make their face really presentable and alluring.

So today we will be talking about such a makeup technique that will help you in achieving a flawless chiseled look. It is Contouring.

Contouring and highlighting create a sense of balance, adding definition to your makeup with color. The art of contouring  itself has attracted so many makeup addicts to learn and try the right technique as it is so powerful as to completely transform the makeup look.The sharp jawline, chiseled cheekbones and pointed sleek nose makes everyone go gaga over how the basic contouring makes so much difference in making the features of the face look so flawlessly beautiful.

Contouring basically is done to create hollows on the face which appear to give a sculpted look to the face. This means it actually makes your face look slimmer with the help of makeup.

Basic Contouring


It is simple and works magic to achieve a chiseled jawline and cheeks. Take a matte bronzer and apply it under your cheek bones to contour. And to bronze, simply put it anywhere the sun would naturally hit. Highlighting works with contouring. For example, when you contour your cheeks, you apply contour in the hallow area and highlight the apples. You also highlight the brow bone to open the eye and give depth to the crease area. Apply highlighter on the bridge of your nose as well.

Clown Contouring

clown contouring makeup

A comparatively recent trend has started off as another powerful trend in contouring which has received mixed reactions from makeup artists and professionals all over the world. This is called as Clown Contouring, which is basically a process of basic contouring in which the face is painted with the concealers, contouring creams, blush and given an illusion of a clown’s face and blended together to give a perfectly flawless complexion.

The trend took a storm over the internet when makeup artist Esther Isabel Amado Romo, aka BellaDeLune on YouTube, painted her face to to give a clownish look and then blended away on camera to look absolutely flawless.

According to Anamika, Clown Contouring is not too difficult and resembles the usual contouring technique. The major difference is that the corrector and contouring products are all applied together on the face in a way which resembles the Clown’s face of painted cheeks, whitish under-eyes, colored nose and like that and is blended all together at last.


Contouring Makeup Looks Of Kim Kardashian -00

The process of Strobing means highlighting and sculpting with lights. This is a great alternative to contouring, so if you are not a fan of stark contouring and don’t want a sculpted Kim Kardashian look, yet want to highlight your face, then this can be your thing. Using light to sculpt and highlight your face and that is what strobing is all about. It includes using illuminators and highlighters to get that glow and when light hits, it would draw attention to those areas.

Tan Contouring

tan contouring

Tan contouring is the new way to have flawless skin. You head to the beach and contour your body for a gorgeous glow and toned features; or you can simply use a self-tanner/ tanning spray. So with the spray you can slim your face, tone your arms and fake abs without hitting the gym.

Henna Contouring

henna contouring

No, no. no..don’t get scared. We are not asking you to literally apply henna on your face. It is just a technique where the contouring and highlighting products are applied using intricate henna patterns to map out the face for highlighting and contouring with picture-perfect procession.

Unblended Contouring

unblended makeup at nyfw

Unblended makeup; this is the worst beauty fear of a woman. There were many times when we have raised our eyebrows upon seeing unblended makeup. But I wonder if anybody would go with this look in public.

For Hood by Air’s Spring 2016 show, models walked the ramp with very obvious, unblended makeup. The messy strokes of bronzer and highlighter on foreheads, cheeks, noses and chins of the models, which would have enhanced their features when blended, looked a bit unsettling at first.

When asked Inge Grognard about the reason behind such unusual makeup, he said, Why do young people, who are already almost perfect, think they need that stuff to become even more beautiful? This look adds question marks and really fits the collection, This is what Inge Grognard told New York magazine in an interview.

Nothing is perpetual in the magical world of makeup and so new trends of makeup tricks and tutorials surface every now and then and create a buzz in the beauty and makeup world.So which of the technique are you going for?

So which out of these contouring techniques have you tried?

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