Various ways of making poha/chivdaa/(beaten rice)


Chindé’r pulao -A snack prepared by immersing the rice flakes in cold water, drying them, and then preparing pilaf-style with nuts, raisins, black pepper, green chillies, and salt and sugar to taste. This is very popular as a breakfast or evening dish in families, and may not be available in any stores or restaurants.

Chindé bheja -Some flakes are immersed in a bowl of usually cold water, flavoured with lime juice, salt, sugar, and a little black pepper.
 Bajeel Ogarne – Here beaten rice is seasoned with mustard seeds, coconut oil, red chillies.
 Beaten rice with curds – Here beaten rice is soaked in water and then sieved. Curd is added with table salt, preferably eaten with mango or lemon pickle.
 Kanda Pohe (Avalakki OggaraNe in Kannada) -In this dish beaten rice is soaked and sieved. Small pieces of boiled potato, onion, mustard seeds, turmeric and red chilli are seasoned and mixed with beaten rice and served hot.
Dadpe Pohe – Thin or medium beaten rice is mixed with fresh coconut, grated green mangos, chili powder, and coriander. Then it is seasoned with salt and a tadka (fried mixture) of peanut oil, mustard seeds, turmeric and finely chopped onions.
Sweet Bajil ( Tipe Bajil in Tulu )– Beaten rice is mixed with jaggery and grated coconut.
 Khara Bajeel – The beaten rice is mixed with red chilli powder, salt and coconut. Sometimes seasoned.
Sajjige Bajeel – Combination of upma and Khara bajeel.
Chudaa Dahi(Orissa) – Combination of yogurt, sugar and flattened rice.

Aval Nanachathu (Kerala) – Combination of grated coconut, sugar, a little water, and beaten rice. Keep for 2 – 3 hours so rice puffs up.
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