Vaseline Queen Bee Honeylicious Lip Therapy Review


Vaseline Queen Bee Honeylicious Lip Therapy

Hi beautiful people,

I am big hoarder for lip balms, I sometimes feel, what will world look without any lip balms, they are such a saviour and always found with every sensible girl on this planet. And I see at my office, everyone has left a mark by leaving a lip balm tin behind. I love searching for best beauty bets to keep myself updated, this really helps me and people around me who keep asking me for opinions.

Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Therapy Queen Bee

Price: £ 3.99 for 20 gm

About Vaseline Queen Bee Honeylicious Lip Therapy:

Honey scented Limited Edition Lip therapy with the goodness of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, giving your lips the softness they will buzz about! Take the sting out of sore lips with this limited edition Vaseline Queen bee honeylicious lip therapy. Presented in a handy and convenient yellow and black striped tin, the honey scented lip therapy is easy to pop into a bag or pocket to take out with you.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Aroma, Alpha-Isomethyl lonone, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool.

Vaseline Queen Bee Lip Therapy

My take on Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Therapy -Queen Bee:

You know when you feel cheated when the fragrance you bought does not last even for a good one hour! How do you feel, if there are no toppings on your pizza as shown in the menu! Cheated. Well, I believe this expensive so called limited edition makes you feel the same.

Read the description carefully and then you realize it has no goodness of honey, it is just scented like that and has a fancy looking tin! To be honest the tin looks like a shoe polish box used by Charlie Chaplin.

Vaseline Queen Bee Honeyliciuos Lip Therapy

I think, the beauty companies really sometimes make a fool out of us. I have never liked Vaseline brand so much, since I think it is absolute rubbish. The lip balm does not good, it is just simple petroleum jelly with fancy packing, nice aroma and by calling it limited edition which I have been watching now for more than a year!

The lip balm is nothing out of the world, it just has honey fragrance and has a nice mild color, it does not leave any colour residue on the lips, but of course helps in relieving of dry chapped lips. I also use it as a cuticle softener sometimes.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Queen Bee

The positive thing about this product is that it does not leave a whitish cast or make you looked washed out. So it is good in that way, unlike my Nivea ones which always give me a strange purplish look 🙁

Overall, I think it is very over-priced and would not recommend to buy this, stick to the regular lip balms and give this a miss!

What I like about Vaseline Queen Bee Honeylicious Lip Therapy:

  • The nice cute packaging,
  • The moisturizing effect without colour.
  • Does not leave a whitish cast.

What I dislike about Vaseline Queen Bee Honeylicious Lip Therapy:

  • The over-priced tag,
  • There is no goodness of honey, there is just aroma!
  • Does not act as a base for lipsticks at all,

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried Vaseline Queen Bee Honeylicious Lip Therapy?

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