Vaseline skin lightneing lotion (Product review)

                                  Vaseline intensive care healthy white skin lightening body milk
After having a not so great experience with Vaseline Body lotion, this time I bought Vaseline skin lightening product. I have been using it since a month and am about to finish it and I really wanted to right about skin whitening creams .
We all know Vaseline is a reliable product. I have never spent even one winter without my Vaseline tub.You can read various uses of Vaseline here.Vaseline is now into various lotions and creams and I completely believe in the company.This is why I bought this product and here is what the product claims.
Vaseline healthy white has a combination of efficacious ingredients to help give you fairer healthy looking skin.
Vitamin B3 – Known to enhance skin’s natural lightening process to help bring out its natural fairness.
Yogurt serum – Helps provides moisturisation and nourishment to skin.
Triple sunscreen – to help prevent further darkening cause by damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Vaseline Intensive care skin lightening body milk – Price Rs 150

  Available in all drug stores or health and glow centers.

Product has a running consistency and therefore applying it is quiet easy and comfortable unlike heavy creams.

My experience with the product 

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Well I have been using it since a month but as far as skin lightening is concerned there is not even one percent of visible difference.I don’t think that it can even remove skin tanning forget about making my skin fairer but the lotion has some very good qualities such as

1. It does make your skin healthier if not light.Some times when our skin dries up we can litteraly scratch our skin but with this product you wont be able to do that because it will keep your skin moisturized all the time
2. Price and fragrance of the product is decent.I use it on my hands and legs as well and keep them moisturized.
3.Though the lotion is light in consistency but still it has good hydrating power.
4.Moisturizer has a cooling effect on the skin and therefore doesn’t irritate my skin.Product will easily work for sensitive skin.
5. It gives sun protection which is quiet an advantage.
6. It doesn’t make me feel greasy .
Dislikes-There is no skin lightening effect which the product boast about so much.
Recommend it to others– Yes, for healthy moisturizing effect I will recommend it to others.

Rating – 3.5/5


Have you tried Vaseline skin lightening lotion?


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  1. I ditto this Anamika….no whitening or even lightening,,,,,,,,only moisturisation…so i have continued using this..its been 3 far so good..

  2. hey anamica i have brought vasiline skin whitening lotion but your submited picture is quite different from that bottle……
    i mean on this picture it is skin lightening body milk but i have skin whitening body lotion ………. is it not the original product????? ?:-)

  3. hmmm…..
    can you tell me how can i test that is it original or not?
    how much time aprox it take to give the effect anamica… :help:


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