Vaseline Total Moisture 24 hour Moisturizing Cream Review


By Prerana Sharma,

Vaseline Moisturizer – Vaseline Total Moisture 24 hour Moisturizing Cream Review

vaseline 24 hr moisturizing cream

Delhi cold is unbearable! Bathing in a tub with hot water is easy, applying body butter after bath is easy but after 4-5 hours when the moisture is lost and again skin asks for its next dose of moisture, I feel lazy to undress and apply body butter to whole body that too 2 -3 times a day. When I saw the advertisement of Vaseline total moisture and its claim for 24hr moisturization, I didn’t belived, what a joke, is 24hr moisturization possible?? So to answer my curious mind, I bought this one and now I will share my experience with all you divas…

About Vaseline Total Moisture

vaseline moisturizer review
It comes in a tube form, small size which is absolutely handy and travel friendly. It is not in lotion form, it is a thick cream which needs slight pressure to take out of the tube. The texture is very heavy, very well suited for harsh winters.

What the product Claims –
Vaseline total moisture 24 hour moisturizing cream contains milk cream, honey, vitamin E and glycerin. For any winter problem like dry area around the lips, dry knees & legs, winter damaged skin, dry arms & elbows, cracked heels & itchy skin, there is one solution Vaseline total moisture.

vaseline 24 hour moisturizer review

Price Rs 38/- for 40gms


vaseline 24 hr moisturizer ingredients

My Experience with it –
I was prepared for this thick, greasy cream coz in intense cold weather body “lotion” or body butter was not keeping me moisturized for more than 4-5 hrs. Since the cream is thick, it takes little time to blend into skin, leaves a slight shine. Well I don’t mind if it makes my body shiny! I mix this cream with glycerin and then apply on body to facilitate easy blending, lol… oh the smell is very strong it is neither too good nor bad but is pleasant.

vaseline 24 hour moisturizer review

It doesn’t moisturize for 24hr but it does keep skin moisturized for many hours as compared to body lotions, approx morning to evening easily (approx 12hrs). So what now I do is apply this cream twice daily, after bath and before going to sleep at night.

What I like in Vaseline Total Moisture –
1, It moisturizes very well.
2. Moisture is sealed in skin for a real long time.
3. Contains glycerin, vitamin E, milk cream (malai) & honey all famous for intense
4. Makes skin very soft.
5. It can heal dry heels as well.
6. Price is very low for the quality of moisturization, I bought 3 more tubes the next time I visited the store.
7. Comes in different sizes- 7gms, 20gms & 40 gms if you want to test it for a small sample. Easily available too.
8. Is travel friendly.

What I don’t like about Vaseline Total Moisture –
1. Difficult to blend on skin, I feel like squeezing out tooth paste, lol…I make it little runny by mixing it with glycerin and then apply easily.
2. Very less amount, I need to buy 4 tubes for whole month!
3. Smell is very strong (but is pleasant)

4. Tube form is good for travel purpose but when the cream starts to finish, its very difficult to take out last portion of the cream.
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