Vedic Line Alpha Cleansing Scrub With Walnut & Green Tea Review


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Vedicline Alpha Cleansing Scrub + Review Online


Are you like me who feel extremely bored or maybe lazy to visit parlours or beauty salon to do clean ups and facials? Believe me! I am one heck of a lazy person, I drag myself to go to parlour and can’t sit or too impatient to sit there for more than 30 mins and on top of that if I have to wait for my turn having 10 girls waiting for their chance already. I will simply walk-off :-P  I go to the parlour only to do waxing, eyebrows and upper lips that’s it. I used to go for clean ups but the price of clean ups have gone up now. So I simply thought of getting skincare products like face pack, exfoliating scrubs and cleanser so that I can do clean up at home.  So once in a while, I take steam and also use exfoliating scrubs once a week.  I saw this Vedic line Alpha cleansing scrub online. I have been hearing many good things about Vedic line brand and since its an ayurvedic brand I thought of giving this a try.


Vedicline Alpha Cleansing Scrub


About Vedic Line Alpha Cleansing Scrub:-


Cleansing Scrubs for All Skin Types


  • Pricing – Rs. 175 for 65ml
  • Ingredients – Water, Green Tea Extract, Stearic Acid, Walnut Shell & Almond Oil.



My Experience with Vedic Line Alpha Cleansing Scrub with Green Tea Extracts –


Gentle Exfoliating Scrub + Aloe + Tea Tree Extracts


Well, The first thing that attracted me towards this cleanser cum scrub was the ingredients. Vedic line claims that it has walnut and green tea extracts and I can actually smell green tea in the cleanser.  The granules present in the scrub are very minute hence the scrub doesn’t feel too strong. This makes it an ideal daily cleanser. After washing my face with a facewash I prefer scrubbing it daily with this cleanser that helps me to get squeaky clean face removing all possible dirt, impurities or make up on my skin. It acts like a confirmation that “Yes , your skin is now proved to be clean” 😛 It exfoliates the skin well and also help in removal dry dead skin on your face. Due to winters, my skin is peeling a lot. After I used this face scrub , the dead skin that looks shabby on my face comes out easily while scrubbing. And the result is soft smooth and clean skin.  This is not a magical product but something good to have. This with a combination of few other skincare products save my money on clean ups. I like the quantity of the product. Good enough to work for 1 and half months or 2 months when used daily.


Vedicline Alpha Cleansing Scrub + Swatch


Pros of Vedic Line Alpha Cleansing Scrub with Green Tea Extracts –


  • Gives squeaky clean face
  • Face doesn’t feel dry
  • Face feels smooth
  • Removes dead skin left due to dryness
  • Fragrance is nice
  • Good quantity
  • Works good as a daily cleanser cum exfoliator


Cons of Vedic Line Alpha Cleansing Scrub with Green Tea Extracts ­–


  • Not a must have product


Will I re purchase the product – Well No! It’s a nice to have product but not something that conquered me.


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  1. :highfive: Awww Erica same Pinch even me such a lazy person to go Parlour for facial n all…also I have some fear with them too (they can ruin my skin due by wrong facial etc :-(( )
    Nice Review Dear 😀 Seems good one :-))

    • Especially these local parlours ladies..they will use worst of the products on u so one should always opt for reputed ones or should opt for DIY.

      • I am always goes for DIY :yes: ….depending for parlours only eyebrows :beauty: :beauty: shaping n upper lips….. :silly: :silly:
        If more essential will go for reputed as you said Ana 😀

          • So true…I get majorly lazy…now to I don’t even go for’s been over a yr..ever since I got my epilator, hair removal has become a piece f sticky icky wax 😉 so even lesser time spent at d parlor 😉

  2. Vedic line so many good products… tats amazing!

    but for the packaging.. i like these vedic line products 🙂

    Zee do a post on self-epilation & choosing an epilator & related stuff na… i m so dying to pick a good epilator n want to get chutkara from this waxing 🙂


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