Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner Review


Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner Review

Hi beauties 🙂

Today I will be reviewing a toner from Vedic Line, well this is a new brand, but then its not because we  have reviewed a lot of their products, some of them are good for e.g the hair retarder, Papaya face pack while some are average like their BB Cream, some were bad like Avocado face scrub.

Lets move onto this toner, and wow.. I was attracted to it upon seeing “Aromatherapy” thing on it.

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Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner review+best toner for oily skin

The toner, thank God comes in a sturdy pump dispenser plastic bottle !! full points to the packaging, as it is quite difficult to convince me over a product’s packing. Anyways, its still boring 😛 But then its spill proof and you can slip it into your bag too.

About Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner

Refreshes & Soothes skin. Good for using in cleansing routine & Cold compress.

  • Price: INR 130/170 (sorry, the price is stamped on the bottom of the bottle, and its not clear enough 🙁 also I checked it online, no website has stocked it yet 🙄 )
  • Quantity: 100ml
Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner +best toner for pores

My Experience with Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner

IF you all are wondering what is “cold compress”, then I’d like to enlighten you all according to my best knowledge :cute: cold compress is a therapy in which you put cold cotton pads on your face (required area) after you’re done with any of your treatment (a normal facial can also be counted in) , especially after your derma uproots the blackheads/whiteheads in order to ensure that the open pores are closed now. Normally also if you put ice on your wound, it helps in clogging the blood, and hence tightens the wound area. So, I hope you got a rough idea of cold compress ? If anybody knows more about it, then please include it your comments 🙂

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Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner +vedic line products reviews

The toner is transparent with black hues to it, that is, its not completely clear. Packaging wise I :heart: it because its totally practical :yes: . Coming back to the aromatherapy thing, then in terms of fragrance, this toner is a full on “must buy” product, because forget the toner, I’d love to buy it for the fragrance alone as it uplifts my senses !! But to be honest, I find it a little simulated, not too pure, nevertheless I adore it for the fragrance. It is sweet, and as soon as you sniff it, it hits your senses literally, and is intense enough to leave a deep note down your mind :cute:

Ok now, more than a toner I have used this in my face packs, because if I spray it on my face or use it with the help of cotton, then I feel that it leaves a stick film on my face, even though I don’t use too much of it, just the right amount. I have tried to use it so many times as a toner alone, but it leaves my skin sticky that I can’t bear it, so it’s a no :no: for me as a “toner” 😛 too much repetitions ??? :rotfl:

But ladies… I find it extremely handy and helpful,  I’m getting it for sure again because I :heart: using it in my face pack, and I’ve used it with the papaya face pack I reviewed a few days back, and it does an amazing job as a diluter. Basically I’m still using it and enjoying the benefits it gives, but in a different way 🙂

Overall, yes I find myself buying it again because of

  • Sturdy & practical packaging.
  • The affordable price.
  • The amazing sweet intense fragrance that boosts my mood.
  • I replace it against rose water in my face packs.

If I would ignore it despite so many good things, then it would be because of the “Sticky” feeling I get after spritzing it on my face or even after using it with a cotton swab.


Have you tried Vedic Line Aromatherapy Toner? 🙂

Godbless !! :-*

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  1. haha. u know what i use most of my toners with my face packs only Oopsie . 😀 This is a must try for me. :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: Thanks for sharing :hug-makeup: BTW i’hv seen it in some online site i can’t remember May be healthkart or UT!!!


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