Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel Review


Hi All,

I’ve been an ardent lover of night creams..From Oriflame Optimals Night Cream to Nature’s Co White Tea Night Cream, I love using them and trying new cream all the time. But off-late, I realized I’d forgotten about my eyes. I had horrid darkies which went away after steady usage of Wunder Eye Cream. But once my darkies had lightened significantly, I never bothered to use anything for my eyes…until recently when I noticed a lot of puffiness in the eye area every morning. It’s not too appealing to say the least and hence started my hunt for an eye gel to combat this.

I specifically say eye gel because I didn’t want a cream. Since I was going to use this in the mornings as well, I wanted something fast absorbing and after a long search, I zeroed in on this lovely from Vedic Line…

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About Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel:

  • Give your eyes moisture and protection from sun.
  • It strengthens the sensitive area around eyes and delays the formation of wrinkles. Ideal for use during day time.
  • Apply around eyes and let it dry naturally.
  • Quantity: 65ml
  • Price: 140 INR

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vedic line bio under eye gel review+ under eye cream


  • Packaging – This under eye gel comes in a large white jar. The packaging isn’t the least bit fancy but then again, for 140 bucks, I ain’t gona complain…It has a screw top lid which doesn’t get lose and the entire jar is quite travel friendly. I do wish it were packaged in a tube instead for hygienic reasons but the tub doesnt bother me too much.
  • Color & Texture – It is in the form of a clear gel and is very light…pretty much like aloe gels you get in the market.

vedic line bio under eye gel review+ vedic line

  • Fragrance – This gel is fragrance-free…atleast I couldn’t smell a think even after a good, long sniff!
  • Usage – I just scoop out about a peanut sized amount and pat it underneath my eyes and then leave it to dry.

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vedic line bio under eye gel review+ under eye gel with spf

My experience with Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel:

It works!!! 🙂 :)  this totally satisfies the purpose for which I got it. I use this immediately after washing my face and it gets absorbed within 3mins or so. It doesn’t feel heavy and even when it dries, doesn’t make the skin under my eyes feel stretchy at all. Within 10mins (which is when I’m done with my makeup and just applying lipstick), it shows its effect and the puffiness is visibly reduced.


Another plus is the fact that it has SPF. Unfortunately it doesn’t say how much SPF it has, but I like knowing that my eye area is protected as well. Something is better than nothing right?

vedic line bio under eye gel review+ under eye gel swatch

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I’m not aware if it helps with dark circles. But then again, it doesn’t claim to do so, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it did. I also have sensitive eyes and this doesn’t sting them at all. According to me, this is great value for money..This is a lot of product for 140 bucks and will probably last me more than 6mts even! Awesome right?


Who should use this: Any skin type can use this. It gets absorbed quickly and is a gel so oily skinned gals should not have a problem with this.

Who shouldn’t use this: Those who want a solution for dark circles. This may not be the right product to use..

 vedic line bio under eye gel review+ under eye+ vedic line

What I like about Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel:-


  • It actually works at getting rid of under eye puffiness.
  • Gets absorbed quickly which is a boon for me since getting ready for work in the morning is a race against time.
  • Has SPF!
  • Fragrance-free
  • It’s a gel which should be a good thing for oilies too.
  • Love how hydrated it makes my eye area.
  • Very affordable.
  • Get a lot of quantity.
  • Doesn’t sting when it gets into the eyes by mistake.


What I don’t like about Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel:

  • the tub packaging is not too hygienic and some may find this a no-go.
  • SPF amount isn’t mentioned.


Have any of you tried the Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel?

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      • i have no dark circles or puffiness Zee .. clean eyes *touchwood* .. sometimes i feel my eyes drying, then the best bet i use is castor oil .. i dont risk anything on my eyes .. i am probably scared !!

        • I used t have horrid darkies…thanks to wunder eye cream that’s to there for now…all gone.. But off late puffiness is too much..and morning me who has time to use an ice cube? Although that’s said to be perfect to reduce puffiness too…:)

    • Thanx…I hav no idea whether it will help on wrinkles to..i don’t have any yet and plus, tis doesn’t claim to reduce wrinkles..just delays th…u may Wana use somethin else..maybe somethin stronger fr wrinkles..

  1. heyy sounds like a good product zee and that too for 140 bucks a steal :-)) does it help anything to the fine lines under eyes, am seeing a few lines under my eyes 😥 😯 right now m using aloe gel and a wonder product it is :yes: but wish to try something for eyes specially, oriflame eyecream was a dud.. :no:

    • well, i have very feww fine lines under my eyes and i honestly havent noticed a change in them…maybe after prolonged use it may..but then again m not pinning any hopes on dis coz it mentions that it helps in delaying wrinkles…doesnt help if u already have any….

  2. hey wat’s d ri8 age 2 start wit using under eye gels?i dont have any dark circles..eventhough is it better 2 start wit these products for prevention purpose???plz let me know ….. 🙂

    • anti ageing ( whether for the face or just eyes) is recommended from the age of 25…u can use mild ones then..after 35, its recommended to use stronger ones…


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