Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack With Cherry Extracts Review


And once again, I am back with yet another Vedic Line Product. Okay, so I sort of have a love affair with them. Shoot me. But this one is special, I tell you.

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Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack Review+ vedic line+ mud pack


I love chocolates. And I love cherries. In fact, at one point of time in my life I was addicted to chocolate covered cherries and chocolate covered raisins, and chocolate covered nut butterscotch, and … just saying, I was addicted to chocolate. I still am. Mostly.

This is one of the reasons this pack is my guilty pleasure. It smells perfect. Heavenly. Like, when you use it and close your eyes, your mind goes into a sensual delight. Because it smells of chocolates, caramel and cherries. Ooh black forest cake… Come to me… sorry. I am digressing.

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Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack Review


The pack, like most other Vedic Line pack, comes in a tub with no spatula so I have to scoop some out on my fingers and use it. This is the reason I do not let other people touch it. Not because it contains chocolate.

Now that it is out of the system and cleared up, let’s move on.

Quantity: 65 ml.

Price: 210/-

Hello oily skinned beauties! I have good news for you. This product contains clay, chocolate and cherries. Which means, it cleans your skin, unclogs your pores, and does not dry your skin out. Win! It actually hydrates my skin well, and soothes it. I have repeatedly used it in the afternoons of date nights. One pack lasted me about 30 uses, so it is good value for my money, and I am pretty happy with it. This pack does not claim to make me fairer, nicer to look at, or sensually delightful. Instead, I can safely say that it is my answer to Lush Cupcake, which I have found out, is a slightly better version of this one.


Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack Review+ vedic line

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Ingredients: Water, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, xantham gum, caramel, natural clay, Vitamin E, Allantoin.

Apart from that clay thing, I would have happily made this into my next dessert.

I apply it all over my cleansed face, and go to sleep for half an hour or so, preferably with something soothing playing in the background. I know that when the music has stopped playing that my time is up, so then I get up, wash my face, and I get clean and glowing skin. This pack is not drying, because of the presence of cocoa butter and caramel (sugar and butter, don’t I love you??) and it really moisturizes my skin well. The texture is smooth and nice, and I love the feel of it smoothened on my skin. However, if you are not much into sweets, this might be slightly nauseating for you.


Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack Review+ vedic line+ chocolate face mask

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I have used it and though my skin quality has not really improved much, the pack has not broken me out, and none of the ingredients listed speak of the forbidden word (PARABEN). So, I am cool with this pack and will continue to use it in the near future. I bought mine from Urbantouch at a discount, and you can do the same too.


Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack Review+ vedic line face mask

What I like about Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack:-


  • Perfect for oily to normal skin
  • Hydrating and moisturizing
  • Leaves a nice glow to my skin
  • Very nice and clear list of ingredients
  • Gorgeous smell if you are a chocolate/caramel fan

What I don’t like about Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack:-


  • Packaging is a bit unhygienic
  • Chocolate haters might not like the smell

Verdict: 4.5/5

I am sorry but I am hopelessly addicted to this pack.

Have you tried the Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack?

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  1. its looks like choco mousse :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: .. but i dont think i can use this i have dry skin .. poori you toture everybody with all these gorgeous stuff ..

  2. hey would neone mind if i share my diet plan… trust me it works coz i always needed to keep my wt down coz of my previous job?? but ana not for u… u have to take docs advise… goes to all new moms ..

      • not really janani.. they just make our uniforms in such a way tht if u r nt in shape it looks v ugly!i had gained a lot of wt post an injury caused due to turbulence… so i went to a dietician in the gym… she gave me lotsa tips but her main one was go v v light on dinner… i used to eat just 4 egg whites n a salad for dinner..but at abt 6 u can eat a heavy meal like sandwich or roti sabzi or poha/upma …have lots of water n coconut water.. coconut water cuts out water retention like nething…have watermelon /mausambi etc… this things really work

  3. Netime dolon.. The trick is to drink atleast one coconut water everyday n if u r in a city where nariyal pani isnt avlb then have mausambi … But i never advocate crash dieting tht does more harm and hardly any good .n its ok to indulge a bit once a week my cheat day was saturday .. However tht now i dont fly nemore im more relaxed


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