Vedic Line On Taut Face Pack Review


Vedic Line OnTaut Face Pack Review

One of the problems that a lot of us face on a regular basis in course of time is the problem named ageing skin. I don’t know about you guys, but I have suffered from it massively and now I am on the shady side of 20s and with a massive problem of skin which has a million problems, I am always on the lookout for something that will help me. So, when I found out that Vedic Line has a face pack that is supposed to rejuvenate my skin, and is Paraben-free, I jumped at the chance and tried it out.

  • Price: INR 175/-
  • Quantity: 75 ml.

As usual, since it is a Vedic Line Product, it is quite nicely, if very unimaginatively, packaged. I have recently bought their face scrub and day cream, and I swear, if I do not look at the package properly, I can mistake one for the other. However, thanks to flip top cap and packaging that would survive a lot of breaks and falls, it’s easy to carry around. I generally use it before I go to bed, and what I really like is that this gives me a nice glow in the morning. The smell is mild and floral, and I don’t mind it at all.


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About Vedic Line  On Taut Face Pack:-


Strengthens elasticity, rejuvenates & revives skin. Formulated with Morus Alba Root and Chamomile Extract, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C to help firm up the tissues and also remove mild tan.


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Okay, one of the things I have to tell you guys after using this product for 3 days every week for two weeks is that my skin looks much better. All you need to do is to put this on your skin after cleansing it, and then wait for 15 to 20 minutes, and then using a bit of water on your skin, give it a slight massage and then wash off or wipe off.

It gives a slightly warmer feeling to your skin when applied. I cannot explain it. The only other time I have had the sensation is when I have used Nature’s Essences Lacto Tan pack.

I wipe off the mask with pads, and then I do NOT moisturize because I have very oily skin and thanks to this heat I would rather not risk it. Rather, I go to sleep right after that. And it has actually removed the tan from skin and my open pores look smaller, or at least so what my mother claims.

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What I also like is, in the morning I get a glow on my face, which is very nice to see, and I look fresh.

What I like about Vedic Line OnTaut Face Pack :-

  • Leaves my skin looking fresh and adds a glow
  • Does not break me out
  • Very mild fragrance which I like
  • Travel friendly package
  • Reduces my open pores
  • Removes mild tan
  • Great for my combination skin

What I dont like about Vedic Line OnTaut Face Pack:-


  • Boring packaging (could have given it another colour, for crying out loud!)

Rating: 4.25/5

Will I Repurchase?

Yes. I will, because this pack does everything it claims.

Have you tried Vedic Line OnTaut Face Pack?

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  1. i am looking for some good scrub..and definitely going to try this after a while..abhi to i am not shifting from lush due to ingredients issues.

  2. Nice 1 Poori :yes: I love it when face packs come in tubes….but the prob is it becomes sooooo difficult to get the product out when ure halfway thru the tube :-/

    • yeah, but right now this pack is around halfway through, and I have no problem in extracting, since the cream is not heavy at all and comes out easily. :chic:

  3. thanks for this review. I was curious about the Vedic Line brand and npw there is a review too..just at the right time :). is it ok to use it for normal skin types too?

  4. seems to be a gr8 product… i too get easily tanned and over the years hav built a strong tan wall on my face… i hv become wheatish from being fair… :sobs:

    this helps in removing tan too…plus firms the skin.. lovely…. perfecto product..!

    shall pick this up once my current face packs are over! thanks poorna.. 😀


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