1. :):)…didn’t come to know abt the error until received mail from Jewel 🙂 Swati if this lotion would have made yur hand and legs fairer than yur face would have look darker than the body :rotfl:

  2. hey…I have this one…i too received it as a freebie from urbantouch..but I think this stinks totally..i hate the smell so much that i dont even like to use it on my body..probably it too would have a sad auto biography. :-))

  3. This is better than vaadi creams :)..last time i got fabindia under eye gel and this time faces emery boards and vedic line products nowadays i am seeing in various sites 🙂

  4. swati atleast u r lucky to get usuable thing.. 😀 i toh got eyecream n so wanted to send dem back :-X hehe even my body is fairer den my face y cldnt god make it vice versa 😛 😛 ..

  5. I love the fact that so many brands gets attention here on wiseshe,, everyday m learning about new stuff here,,
    commendable job swati, anamika, zara, jewel,,everyone,,seriously everyone.. 😀 :clap-n-jump:

    I appreciate all your hard work and the fact that its all so fun at the same time.

    🙂 🙂

  6. Me also got faces eyeliners from cosmetix and the prices there r the cheapest i now got almost all the colors except sparkly black and dark green 🙂

  7. forget the free gift part, me ordered the Vaadi eye gel from UT along with couple of other things. am now wondering what free gift i will get. but glad to know Vaadi works well for some. whew!!!


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