Vedic Line Hair Retarder Review


Vedic Line Hair Retarder 

Hi All,

Body hair is something a lot of us girls battle with. Some of us are blessed with less or no body hair and never have to spare a thought before wearing a sleeveless top or a top with a low backline. And then there are the rest of us…who think multiple times before wearing such clothing and limit them to the first week after waxing/ hair removal.


vedic line hair retarder review + skin care indian



I’ve always been plagued by accelerated hair growth. The tiny hair start to grow back within 3days of hair removal and it gets to be such a pain. Veet strips, Nair cream, I’ve tried them all, but nothing really worked. So today I bring to you a new product from Vedic Line that shows signs of being the savior to all of us plagued (or rather ‘hair-plagued’) people!




Product Claim & Usage :Vedic Line Hair Retarder

vedic line hair retarder review + indian skin products

  • Quantity: 50ml
  • Price: INR 300
  • Ingredients:

vedic line hair retarder review + indian skin care


About Vedic Line Hair Retarder:


  • Packaging –This comes in a tub form with a screw top lid. I wish this came in a tube form though…not just for hygienic reasons but also for the sake of convenience…
  • Color & Texture –The cream is an off-white color and has a gel sort of consistency. It very fast absorbing and doesn’t clog the pores at all.
  • Fragrance – Has a very earthy-floral fragrance but it’s very mild and fades within a couple of minutes.

vedic line hair retarder review + health beauty products



Effectiveness - I picked this up honestly just for laughs. The hair growth on my body is quite thick and super fast and I didn’t believe that a mere gel/ cream can change that. I had purchased a new Braun epilator 2-3 months back and thought this may be a nice accompaniment. Now I should tell you now that my hair growth is so much that I have to use the epilator every 1.5weeks or so….yea…M a gorilla… 😉




So after epilating, I scooped out a rupee sized amount and massaged it into my skin. I did this for 2-3 days. After the first application, I had to epilate after 2 weeks exactly…but I thought this could be by fluke. So I again used it and I didn’t feel the need to epilate until another 2 -2.5 weeks. And now, I can wait an entire 3weeks before epilating…which is a miracle for me!

vedic line hair retarder review + skin care product


Prior to this tiny hairs would start sprouting within 2 days of waxing or epilating. But since the past 2 times I’ve noticed that my arms stay hair free for a minimum of 5days which is really commendable. I’m sure that all those of you who have this issue of accelerated hair growth will agree with me that such a product is a life saver. It works slowly but if the results are long term and permanent, then I have no objections to making this a regular purchase for me.

vedic line hair retarder review + skin tratment


What I like about Vedic Line Hair Retarder:-


  • Did not break me out.
  • Actually did delay the hair growth.
  • Quick absorbing and doesn’t clog the pores.
  • Did not cause any prob of ingrowth.
  • Would suit almost all skiin types.
  • Need such a small amount for use and the tub will last atleast 4-5months.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Packaging is sturdy.
  • Some may find it pricey but my heart loves any product that can avoid the ‘bhalu(bear)-conversion’ for a longer time.


What I don’t like about Vedic Line Hair Retarder:-


  • Would have been more hygienic & convenient in tube form
  • I have seen this only on




  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5
  • Fragrance: 5/5
  • Packaging: 3.5/5
  • Availability: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4/5

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  1. Omg!!!! I badly need this…Zee! I dont Mind paying 300 bucks for a product like this! 😀
    For a bal ki dukaan like me.. its a small amount ..TRUST ME!
    Thanks for introducing this to us… :yippee: :dance-left-right: :rock-n-roll:

    But where can we buy this in mumbai??? ?:-)

    • yep..i did use this in the underarm area and it works well….and it doesn’t darken the skin at all…and a huge plus point is that its so light and gets absorbed so fast that theres no clogging of pores or any such inconvenience…

    • No idea Ankita..I’ve never dared t use it on my face…but its really light and I’ve never had a reaction to this…so I suppose it should be ok…but then the safe gal inside of me wants to be more on the cautious time..

  2. wow it sounds great :yippee: ..i was eyeing on this like months…
    .. thanks a ton for the review… :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    i will grab this asap 😀 😀

  3. OMG..indeed a miracle product zara..urbantouch here i will be a life errr leg saver for me..i have thick coarse hair on my legs..

    • well, ideally one is supposed to use this twice a day post waxing….but i use it just once a day after epilating and that too at most for a week..

  4. i bought the same a couple of days ago. now i cant wait to see the same results on me 😀
    btw i bought it from healthkart, since i was shopping for the first time used the introductory coupon and got 100 off. so pretty economical for me 🙂 🙂

  5. I had read about this in Femina around a year back, and the filed patent :D, never found the product anywhere 🙁

    thanks a ton… this is a total gal pal… me picking this up :),.

    • m not sure but i think this shud b ok for use onthe face too…i haven’t risked it tho….

      but i sgree with u…wish we had somethin t help with facial hair….its such a pain to wax or thread…

  6. Zaraaaaa i am waiting for your reply..where in pune you saw that rose patchouli kit last weekend? My cousin will come on i need to tell her fast..

  7. Even i have bhalu type mother makes this awesome wheat flour, turmeric and mustard oil ubtan for me..which i apply once a really works..

  8. hey new comment-er here!!! 🙂
    this product seems godsend :yes: ….when exactly are u supposed to apply it..and for how long???

    • Wecome Janis!

      This is quite good…ideally one is supposed to use this twice a day post waxing….but i use it just once a day after epilating and that too at most for a week..u can use it as per ur need tho..

  9. Skip haldi..instead mix have to apply thick paste of it..let it dry..and them scrub it off in circular leaves my skin smooth and silky..and it really delays hairgrowth and there is no ingrowth problem as try it sweetheart..

  10. I feel like jumping up and down..this like ordering i just now..u cannot beleive how plagued I am with this bhaloo like arms and legs of mine..thankooo Zara :-* :-*

  11. OMG it works so good 😀 i need to buy buy this 😀 I am going to order it now .. looks like UT is going to have it sold out today 😛 every wisegirl seems to be wanting this 🙂
    Bless you Zara 🙂 thanks for the review 🙂

  12. Me too in the bandwagon of gorillas :-(( Thanks for this review Z. Ive been a lil wary bout tryin such stuff. Oriflame had a plant derived hair retarding lotion too. Guess they discontinued it. Am glad this works. Wud love to give it a shot 🙂

    • Yey!! Welcome Naf!!! 🙂 🙂

      Yea Oriflame had one too but i never tried that…and when I decided to do so it went out of the catalogue..but ya…thank god for small miracles…i always wanted t try a product like this which actually works!

  13. awesome!!! so, it does work…I have this but I forget to use it regularly because it takes a little time to dry out and I prefer to use it on bare skin to maximize absorption but even I feel it works!!!

  14. OMG.How did i miss ths post 😯 this is exactly what i need since…..well my infant days. 😛 I am a born gorilla :shame: :shame: :shame: will definitely pick this up..thanks Zee :hug-makeup: :-*

    • Hey jyo..I can’t believe I missed so many comments sab aaya kab!, hehe..

      Waise m hoping for somethin t come out fr face also…now that’s d only problem area left..

  15. Wow! Thanks a tonne for the review, and the comments as well actually… Want to give this a try even though I guess I am among the lucky ones.. My hair does not grow back for about 15 days after removal and even full grown is pretty light and almost not visible… Hoping this wonder will eliminate the need of hair removal completely 😀

  16. Hi all,
    I too have fast hair growth all over my body. Is there any product for facial hair too. Nice reviews.
    Thanks to all. And vanadana can u plz tell me how to make and use that ubtan. i want to use it for my face.
    And :kissed: :kissed: :kissed: :kissed: :kissed: to all of u.

  17. :tap-dance: I dnt knw yet .. dis thing just pop out on my FB .. n clicked it coz my story or hair damn thingy is neva ending .. i have ingrowth outgrowth or watever growth dt u cld think of and aftr waxing they leave thick pores shwing up on my legs and I hardly wear any short dresses jus coz of that .. n i love wearing thm 🙁 😥 .. i hope this is true dt u all talking so much abt this .. i wldnt mind paying 300 .. its really nt a big deal .. coz its just as 1 time waxing charges … r u sure this reduces hair growth gal ?? Z n all gal gang ,.. u r very funny thog … 😀 wld love to be on this if u guys reply me 🙂 i will chk dis regularly n i need alot of things to learn 🙂 Divs

  18. So is it just me or no one else is bothered bout the fact that there are no ingredients mentioned on either the box or the container itself. A company like vedic line are suppose to put the ingredients on their product and even for their other things they do
    An how come the only place i find somebody doing a review is on wiseshe???

    • Hi Anjali..there r many products which do not have ingredients..for example .companies like lotus and fab India..If vedic is also one of them then its not our fault.

      As far as the “only place some body a review of this product is concerned.”.you seriously need to give some rest to your over hyper active brain who can only think wrong all the time..we r no where associated with the company and if you think we are then i feel sorry for you and would request you not to visit again.

  19. hello all,

    please tell me if this product is safe enough to be applied on face?
    I desperately want to get rid of hair around my chin area. bleaching does help temporarily to hide it but i want a permanent solution.

    Kindly ask ur frends, etc. and reply asap.

  20. :tap-dance: wow…. sounds gr8!!! thank u soooooooooo much for the review!

    its a boon miracle product for almost all gals out dere…..

  21. heloo .. cam u plzz suggest m out sumthng for facial hair … its bithrng m lyk hell .. i fell lyk a man nw days .. plzz its an urgent request .. nythng dat would decrease d growth or temporary or permanent removal of the hair

  22. Hi Zara! sounds like a gr8 product 🙂 jus wanted to noe if it is equally safe to be used for the bikini line or under legs area… ??? ?:-)

  23. how long should i use this even after results are seen…
    if i discontinue will hair grow back……..? kindly reply plz….is it safe on face i need it for my chin basically.

  24. felt happy after reading the very excited to go ahead…..Plz any one of you kindly suggest the Procedure of Using it .and also where can i get thisProduct…how many days should i use .please share me the details to my mail i.d…thank you

  25. hey…realy i do lik d vedic line products…dey do wrk 4 me…nd i hv sm facial hair in mah uppr lip n chin area…so ds it wrk 4 facial hair too?!hw shld i apply it??aftr threadng or nrmaly as a cream?plz waitng 4 reply

  26. I jus wanted to know if its safe to use on the chin and side-locks area. ?:-) Coz, I don’t have much prob with hair on the other parts of my body. :yes: Facial hair really does worry me!! 😕

  27. I have hair in my upper lip and chin. To start using the cream should i do any proceedure such as threading or can i use the cream directly.

  28. does this cream worl on facial areas and is it really useful???I have hair on my whole face and want 2 know does it work if I have done threading?I am getting married next year n i am really worried about iy…I have thick and hard growth on my belly also?I ma really frustated abt it..plz help me n give me a better suggestion….I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible…..?:)

  29. i am a man of 26 yr old ..i have huge amount of hair onmy legs …..1)for how many times of usage i can get atleast 50% permanent reduction 2)can i apply it after veet or any epilator cream??? eagerly waiting for reply


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