Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent/ Toner Review


Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent/ Toner Review – If human beings didn’t have to eat to live, a hoard of women would have soooo much more time on their hands, don’t you think?? I mean seriously…a good portion of the day revolves around food: Planning the menu, preparing it, washing the dishes used while cooking, serving the meal, washing and cleaning up after the meal… PHEW! :sweat: And all this is done atleast thrice a day. :pain: Now before you judge me, believe it or not, I’m actually one of those rare species that enjoys housework :silly: But hey everyone needs a break every once in a while but be it Sunday or Monday, u still gotta eat, right?. :hungry: It’s not the work involved that bothers me. It’s just the fact that it HAS to be done every single day that somewhat takes the fun out of it :cute: Okay, in case you’re wondering, none of this gibberish has anything to do with the astringent in question. 😛 Just wanted to break the ice before heading to the review 😀


vedic line neem brahmi toner


About Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent/ Toner:

Perfect on oily & combination skin. Smells totally wonderful & penetrates skin to remove hidden grease and sebum from open pores

  • Price & Quantity:  Rs.190 for 200ml; Rs.100 for 100ml.
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Ingredients: Purified water, Neem and Brahmi Extract, Embellica Extract, Olem Water and Phenoxyethanol


The 100ml bottle comes with a flip-top cap while the 200ml bottle comes with a spray nozzle. The issue with the flip-top cap is that even though it shuts tightly, the product leaks out of the bottle. When I first received my bottle (I‘d ordered this online), a portion of the label was wet since the bottle has leaked during transit even though it was completely sealed in clear plastic! :-/  Once opened, the cap has a small opening through which the product is dispensed. Although the packaging is user-friendly, it is not at all travel-friendly and boring-looking as well. :yawn:


vedic line skin toner


Directions: Spray it or dab it with a cotton pad on clean face


When I read that this “smells totally wonderful” I was waiting to experience it since I love great-smelling skincare and took a BIG sniff at the bottle. Ohmygod! The strong aroma nearly threw me off-balance! :hypnotized: At first, it reminded me of nail-enamel removers. :sick: Yeah, it smelt like it was loaded with acetone or alcohol or something. It took me a few uses to actually “like” the smell and later began to enjoy it. So a big word of caution to those with sensitive noses or who like fragrance-free products: this is really overwhelming! If you adore strong herbal scents, then you have nothing to worry about.

Color & Consistency:

The liquid is vibrantly greeeeen with consistency similar to that of water. The bright tint makes me wonder if the ingredients list is incomplete and if this has any added color Hmm :-/


vedic line toner


My experience with Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent/ Toner:

A friend of mine bought this a little after I did and she mentioned how this left an awful greenish-yellow tint on her skin. :pain: I was aghast since I had noticed no such thing in all the times I’d used this. :-/ I was wondering if I’d overlooked it since I follow this up with BB cream. I tried to notice the tint the next time onwards and squinted at the mirror under every possible light and at every angle. :nerd: But I couldn’t spot any green or yellow on my skin. I have naturally yellow undertones and maybe that’s why it does not show up on me even though my skin is a tad on the paler side. Thank God for that! :sweat: The only time I really noticed the stain was when I’d added a little excess of this to a face pack and applied it using my fingers instead of a brush. There was a strong yellow stain on my fingers that resembled haldi (turmeric) and I began to panic since I was afraid I’d look jaundiced once I remove the pack from my face. There was also a strong tingling sensation since I’d gone overboard with the quantity of astringent used. Thankfully there was no visible stain and the over-usage did not have any adverse effects on my sensitive skin.


neem brahmi toner vedicline


When used normally, this astringent tightens pores, tones skin and gives a nice cooling effect on skin. What I love most about this is how effectively it removes all traces of grease, grime or any residue from the skin. It leaves my oily skin feeling squeaky clean and tingly fresh. The way it lifts dirt so effortlessly made me doubt the presence of alcohol. But again, there’s no way of making sure. It does not do anything remarkable for acne or blemishes, but it doesn’t claim to do so either. It stings a bit when used on broken or irritated skin but never gave me breakouts or caused an allergic reaction.

What I like about Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent:

  • Tightens pores and tones skin
  • Removes all traces of grease and grime left behind after cleansing
  • Feels tingly and cool when applied
  • Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and mattified
  • Great to mix with powder-based face packs since this enhances the cooling and tightening effect
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in a bigger size (200ml) with a spray nozzle for ease of use

What don’t I like about Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent:

  • The herbal scent is very strong and a bit overpowering
  • Bottle is not travel-friendly since product leaks even when the cap is secured
  • Stings a bit when used on broken or irritated skin so this may not suit very sensitive skin
  • Leaves behind a yellowish stain particularly if used in excess (evident only if you have light skin and not an issue for those with yellow undertones or deeper skin tone)

Rating: 4/5

Final thoughts:

Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Astringent/ Toner is a nice astringent that tones skin well and gives a cool, tingly sensation that’s particularly welcome in summers. :yes: It removes oil and dirt with ease. It does not have any direct effect on acne or blemishes but does help to keep skin squeaky clean and tingly fresh. The only reason why I am not tempted to repurchase this is because I have reasons to doubt whether the ingredients list is incomplete. I strongly suspect added color or alcohol or both. But please note that these are just my assumptions and may not be proved true. If you’re okay with the strong fragrance, this is worth a shot considering how affordable and nice this is.


  1. I tried this…I actually love the ingredients of both this Vedic line toner and also the other one VLCC Punarvava toner..but both have the same ‘Very strong fragrance’ and ‘Stings’ issue….else they work perfectly as a toner/astringent!

    • Same here Zee. It’s one step am not particularly fond of. But it makes a world of difference to acne prone skin. So gotta force myself :sweat:

    • It’s actually a nice toner Laks. Get it if u don’t mind the fragrance. I know many who actually love the scent. So it’s pretty subjective 🙂

  2. Hi Laks..this is the first time i m seeing a DP with a couple in it..generally all girls are too obsessed with themselves and put their pics only .lolz

  3. The most interesting part of your posts are the intro part makes the reading experience more interesting and the reaader kind of get hooked to complete reading the whole post. Luv the review…the scent part is a turn off for me but the ingredients are looking interesting..will defo try it.

  4. I like your reviews okay with fragrance so I think i will pick it…
    And the best part of the post was about the hunger 😉 🙂
    Imagine how delighted women would feel if they don’t have to worry about planning the menu… giving instructions to the cook keeping in mind the type of food liked by other family members…!

  5. Mu mum says most difficult part is making menu..:P Sabke alag alag nakhre in my house..m super happywith my fab India rose water 😀

  6. Enjoyed reading your review as always Naf..I like strong sneering toners… Maybe in my headi think if it’s strong its gonna with. But I’m off any store bought toner since an year now. I found the recepie to a perfect toner that did not lose its efficacy on me even after so many months of usage!!

    And I religiously follow my C-‘T’-M twice a day no matter what. .

  7. Mitssss! What a coincidence…i was just thinkin of u d other day n wonderin how come we don’t get to see u around as often as we used to :-)) So nice to hear from u :-* Glad to hear ur DIY toner is still so effective. Pls do share d recipe 🙂

  8. Haan yaar… post marriage,shuttling between office work and home work takes up so much of my time. But I have NOT missed even a single past on wise she 🙂 miss chatting with you guys so much :*

  9. It’s my Apple cider vinegar and green tea toner. Cause of my oily acne prone skin I use it 3:1 ratio. I add some essential oils as well. Carrot seed, tea tree, rosemary/lavender and neem oil. Simple yet effective.

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