Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream Review


Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream Review

Hey people! So, the Vedic Line obsession continues, and I have with me yet another product, this time a day cream, which claims to be paraben free and give me smooth, radiant skin. I raised my eyebrow at the claim, but then, let’s see how I felt about it.

Before we begin, let me tell you, I have very oily-oily combination skin (i.e. very oily around my T-zone and oily on the rest of my face. So a huge number of products are a major no-no for me. But I have seen in the past that some cream, which is supposed to not suit my skin has suited it, so I am all for making changes.

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Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream +face cream revew

About Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream:-


Reclaims Smooth, Youthful & Radiant Skin. Formulated with Natural Bio Sodium Hyluronate to improve skin tone, revitalize & protect skin from pollution and dryness.

  • Price: INR 175/-
  • Quantity: 75 ml

The packaging is, once again, bright carmine pink and serviceable, and I confuse it with my scrub AND my pack unless I see it (in fact, one night, I actually face packed this by mistake!) properly. But, the package is VERY travel friendly and sturdy, two BIG bonuses, along with the fact that it has a flip top cap and I do not have to dip my finger in (eek!).

Okay, so when I got the pack, I looked in the back to see the list of ingredients it has. Here is the list:

Vedic Line On Glow Day Cream Ingredients:-


Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream +best face cream for dry skin

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I gulped and looked scared as each of the ingredients were read out – like sweet almond and Jojoba Oil and Emulsifying Wax. This was not going to be very good news for my skin as it is oily and will not be able to handle so many waxy things at a time. And I was right. Within the first hour of application, my skin was SWEATING and so was I, in fear I will get another zit.

Fortunately, I thought of a second plan. I decided to use this as a massage cream. Here is what I generally do 2 times every week. I take a good bit of the cream (about a 2-rupee size) and mix it with a bit of regular water. Then I massage it on cleansed and toned face for about 5-6 minutes, using upward strokes, and then I add some exfoliation beads to it (I like Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic Beauty Grains Exfoliator, and I have seen oats and fine brown sugar also works!) and give my face a gentle rub (not so gentle around my nose, which has blackheads). Then I wash off with tepid water and leave my skin at that.

Here are a set of pictures saying “Before” and “After”.

This is before I use the cream as a massage cream.

Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream +face massage cream

This is my skin after I have massaged it.

Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream +hydrating cream for dry skin


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That works great! I have received compliments how nice my face looks, and I have seen a definite glow to my face after I use this. So, I would say this new way of using the cream has benefitted me. My sister on the other hand, who has semi-dry skin, has been using this for the last few weeks and she told me it hydrates her skin very well. It has worked out, then!

Pros of Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream:-


  • Hygienic, safe package
  • Travel-friendly
  • Gives skin a glow
  • Great for dry to normal skin
  • Quite good value for money
  • Great as a massage cream

Cons of Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream:-


  • Boring packaging
  • Too oily for my skin type

Verdict: Overall, I think for now I will stick to this as my massage cream.

Will I Repurchase Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream

Trick question – but my sister likes it, and if she uses it, I will “borrow” it.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Have you tried Vedic Line OnGlow Day Cream?


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  1. poorna. 😀 You are our very own Vedic line ambassador. Anytime i want to know abt any of its product i know whome to contact. 😉
    this sounds good to me as a massage cream. 🙂 Will keep this in mind when i am done with my current stash. :-))

  2. massage creaaammmm!!!! i want one tooo!!!

    u kno wot? if i were u, id have written it off and it wud hav stayed in one corner of my vanity…nly u cud have had d patience n find a gud use for this!


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