Vedic Line Papaya Face Pack Review


Review : Vedic Line Papaya Face Pack

Hi beauties !
Today I will be reviewing Vedic Line’s Papaya Face Pack. Well I don’t know about you all, but I’m quite lazy when It comes to pampering myself, and using face pack is like a thing I rarely do, I can’t even recall which face pack I used and when before getting this one :rotfl: . The reason I wanted to switch over and become active was, cause since last 2 months, my skin is in very bad condition, its dry in the T-zone (can you believe it ?? :O ) and oily on the rest, I was quite oblivious before that, but the oily zone is completed totally dry and brittle that I can’t keep that area bare, and I layer on a thick layer of moisturizer on it and leave it like that. Oh I’m off track :-/ , haan it was actually when my skin turned the tables, since then I have been using ayurvedic/herbal/natural stuff, just in case anything suits my irritated sensitive skin. This is one of the products that I’m currently using.. 🙂

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Vedic Line Papaya Facepack

What the Vedic Line Papaya Facepack Claims :- 

Helps to remove blemishes, spots and promotes fairness by increasing blood supply to skin.

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Vedic Line Facepack Review

  • Price : MRP 175/-
  • Quantity : 100ml
  • Shelf life : 3yrs from the date of manufacturing.

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Vedic Line Facepack

As you can see, the face pack is housed inside a round tub which is strong and has this plastic lid to avoid spilling (which won’t happen actually cause the pack is quite thick 😛 ) . The packing is quite orangey to give you the feel of “Papaya“ ;). I don’t mind it as the packaging is quite good and not boring, also if the packaging is good then one tends to use the product more 😀 .

Ingredients :- Purified water, Clay blend, Almond oil, palm wax, papaya extract, aloe Vera, sodium benzoate & phenoxyethanol.

My Experience with Vedic Line Papaya Facepack

The texture of the face pack is thick, and not too thick that you can’t apply it without mixing with water. It is just apt to be applied directly from the tub to the face 😛 Being a tub packing Is a bonus at times, because you know how much is left and can finish up the product easily, while on the other side I hate it too, since one has to dig in fingers/spatula/spoon whatever, it is still a pain !!
The pack is muddy in color, has a slight flowery fragrance, like the one you get while you enter a spa salon, it’s a nice fragrance which is mellow and calming. After cleansing and scrubbing my face, I apply it all over my face while my face is little damp so as to ease in application. This also helps in applying a thin layer of pack all over the face, and you don’t waste product. It dries off in around 10mins, and then I clean it with a wet sponge, and wash my face.

The pack is quite good on its own, but as far as the fairness quotient is concerned, it leaves a nice clear skin (just what any other face pack will give), not too much to talk about. I used this pack almost daily to help with the pimple marks I got recently, and I can see a bit of lightening in them, but can’t assure that the change is because of the mask alone because I’m using some other products along to get a healthy skin right now.

Vedic Line Papaya Facepack Review

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What I Liked about Vedic Line Papaya Facepack

I’m still using and will use it as it’s a clay mask which is good for summers, also it doesn’t have this tingling sensation, which I like the most. I can apply it and be free 😀 If I see any major changes soon, I will update it in my upcoming posts 🙂 If you have acne prone skin, then it might not work on zits and being a papaya face pack, it might even worsen your skin’s condition. But if you’re skin has recovered, then you must try this. Overall I found this pack very good, considering that it works well. At this price and quantity, this pack will easily last for around 3months if you use it almost regularly, and even more if you use it sparingly.

Have you used Vedic Line Papaya Face pack ?

Godbless !! :-*

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    • morning heena.. 🙂 papaya has something in it that helps in peeling of skin so dat it brings out a new skin, 🙂 i’m nottt too sure that it wil worsen the acne, but won’t heal it 🙂 this f.p is very mild to be used daily too 🙂

  1. As fas i know..papaya works for blemishes and acne scars…good review..Upsi! :hug-makeup:

    keep us updated over any future changes! :-* :hug-makeup:

    • Ana its a good pack, but i think u got confused cz of my troubled skin 😀 its a decent face pack, and gvs nice glow 🙂 and as for the blemishes part i’m stil geting pimples :-(( n marks toh i will keep u all updated , i would surely buy it again bcz papaya has enzymes n stuff to heal the marks n blemishes na 🙂 ?

  2. ooh! i thot this wud b a gel type of mask….hehe…

    its such a pain when our skin suddenly changes na? samajh me hi nahi aata kya karein..

  3. I am using this pack and although I won’t claim it’s the best one around, but I would safely say it’s would be always there in my collection of packs


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