Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review


Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review 

Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review+mild face wash


Yet another time the glorious Miss Poorna Strikes back with another day saved for many people who might have otherwise been misled as she reviews through this product and finds out how great it is! Sounds scary? Be afraid! Be very very afraid!

Sorry, aftereffect of watching Men in Black III.

I got this from Urbantouch which is storing a range of products from Vedic Line, and as I have used their products before and found that they are quite nice, exploring other products was a must. This is one of those products which actually claim the truth about what it does. It DOES make your sensitive skin quite free of oil. The product is natural, Paraben-free and contains antioxidants.

  • Price: INR 150.
  • Quantity: 100 ml


Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review+paraben free face wash

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I have been using this quite a bit for the past two weeks, and I am yet to have an acne breakout (even though I have just survived one of those times in a girl’s life when the acne breakouts are quite common, and with around 34-40 degree heat here, with a LOT of humidity going on, acne is quite all right to sport… in fact, I went to a shopping mall to shop for a few products, and saw at least 50 women sport zits like flags all over  their faces, and thanked God I was spared this time. I do not know if it’s only because of this product, but overall, I think Vedic Line products suit me all right, though there are some hits and misses.

Okay, let’s get down to the review. When I got it, superfast, from Urbantouch, I opened it and was really pleased with two things – one was, it was a sturdy, nicely packaged product in BLUE (I <3 blue). And two, it smelled lovely when I opened the flip top cap and sniffed. Unable to bank my curiosity, I opened and whipped out a bit – its clear, transparent, and runnier than most face washes. The consistency is like… The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash, or like light sugar syrup, if you guys know what I mean, which means, nearly as thin as water, but not too much. The problem with that is, you cannot really control the amount that is dispensed, so be careful.

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Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review+ayurvedic face wash

The product is quite travel-friendly, and I carried it around in my purse and it was fine. No mishap.

Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review+transparent natural ingredients face wash

The little bit I used lathers up nicely, and when I put it on my skin, gives it a cooling feeling, not tingling (which I dislike, btw), but soothing. It removes basic makeup and dirt, but not eye makeup or stuff I should be using a cleanser on. I used it and it did not break me out (and I break out at a lot of stuff). The one thing I dislike is that it is drying for my combination skin, so I have to use a moisturizer afterwards, but otherwise it’s okay.


Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review+lathering face wash

The soothing feeling and lovely fragrance which lingers for about half an hour after use actually made me use it one day as a body wash after I broke out with a rash, and it worked like a charm on them. I went to sleep after cleaning my face and body with it, and then when I woke up, the itchy rash was nearly gone. Over the next day, I used it on the rash and it actually went away. Yay! So, I am using it as face wash and as itchy rash remover when I need it.

What I like about  Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin:-

  • Great packaging
  • Travel-friendly with hygienic flip-top cap
  • Non-irritating (as it claims)
  • Soothing to the skin
  • Dispenses off body rash
  • Paraben-free

What I do not like about  Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin:-

  • Contains SLS
  • Cannot control the amount that is dispensed
  • Drying to my skin (shudders for dry skinned people who should be ready with a moisturizer)
  • Fragrance might not be to everyone’s liking
  • Does not clean out makeup properly

Verdict:Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin:-

While I would certainly keep this around to get rid of irritations, overall, I think I will stick to some other thing as face wash as this dries out my skin. I don’t like that, so I think I will be better off without it.

Will I Repurchase?

I don’t think so.

Have you tried Vedic Line SensiTone Face Wash?

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  1. this seems to be a good trial product…Poorna!

    heals rashes is great stuff! however m so stuck to my himalaya neem face wash that none can takes it place i feel! :-)) Nice review done! :yes:


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