Vedic Line Sunny White Whitening Cream Review


Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream

All right, so I swear I will not do another Vedic Line product, but I HAVE to tell you guys about this one. Personally, I feel that most creams which talk about whitening are really not worth my money, but this one has done a lot of good for me in the last three weeks, and I am sort of telling you guys to give this one a chance. This is sort of like a massage cream, so what I do is this – I apply this cream during a body massage and then go take a shower afterwards. What they ask you to do is to massage this cream in circular motion, where you want to brighten the skin, and then once you have massaged it on, rinse off.

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Vedic Line SunnyWhite Body Cream Review+cream for whitening

 About Vedic Line Sunny White Whitening Cream:-

Fairness Cream to Remove Body Tan. Formulated with Beta Glucan, Morus Alba Extract and Calendula Extract for gentle exfoliation of skin.

  • Price: INR 200
  • Quantity: 50 ml

Vedic Line SunnyWhite Body Cream Review+vedic line cream for whitening the body

This summer, when temperatures hit around 40-42 degrees, I had to reluctantly go out a few times, and my skin got tanned badly in a couple of places. What was more I had really dark spots in patches. I used this, and the tan ACTUALLY went down within 2 days. Also, I have checked through the ingredients list and I find this cream to be way less harmful than the random fairness cream, half of which contain parabens. Vedic Line products are paraben free… which is a blessing.

When I received the package, I loved the fact that it had a glorious sunny-yellow colour and it was sooo bright and summery! It was love at first sight! Also, this comes with a screw top cap. That part I do not like, is if I forget to screw it on properly, it leaks.


Vedic Line SunnyWhite Body Cream Review+beauty tips for whitening and brightening

The cream is slightly watery in consistency… reminded me of slightly thick flour paste one uses to thicken soups. But it works, which is a good thing! It also has a slightly weird smell, which I personally don’t care for much.

Below, I will give you a demonstration of the way it works. Just watch the knuckles of my hand! All pictures are taken in the same light.


 Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream+fairness skin creams


 Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream+bleaching and whitening creams

Do you see the difference?

What I like about Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream Review:-

  • Bright, sunny packaging
  • Paraben free
  • Hygienic with a screwtop cap
  • Cleans my skin and gives it a healthy glow
  • Mildly exfoliating
  • Removes dark patches
  • Works great on my skin and actually removes body tan
  • Does not break me out or give me rashes (as with a lot other creams)

What I don’t like about Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream Review:-

  • Not very travel friendly
  • Smell’s not too pleasant for me
  • Does not work on blemishes and scars

  • Verdict: I like this cream. It does what it says.  It is not very travel friendly but it did not harm my skin nor give me a rash.

  • Will I repurchase: Yes.
  • Ratings: 4/5

Have you tried Vedic Line SunnyWhite Whitening Cream:

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  1. dat is 4 sure..but d order is 4 my frnd sittin nxt 2 me who jumped on d line reading ‘removes tan in 2 days’ 😛

  2. wow!! vedic line is turning out t b quite impressive…i also get tan patches…m gona gte this for sure..reallt helpful post Poorna! 🙂

  3. seems to be a good one..

    overall vedic line + has some good hits … 😀

    think can be used in place of body scrub.. since it exfoliates mildly.. good review Poorna! 🙂


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