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                                                                 Veet wax strips review

Most of the time I visit parlor for waxing or do my waxing at home.Problem which I face is that I am fond of wearing cut sleeves and going to the parlour every seven to ten days for hair removal is annoying for me.I mean visiting parlor for whole body waxing every month is  fine but weekly or fifteen days visit needs lot of patience and motivation from my side which I lack most of the time .

Veet wax strips were suggested to be my friend .She is completely in love with them and therefore I thought of giving them a try .I bought it to wax aheemmmm bikini line and underarms but  tried first on my legs as I was using them for the first time.Using them on legs was the best place to test them.It worked perfectly fine.I then used it on my underarms and it worked for me pretty well.

Veet ready to use wax strips as per company – Veet ready to use wax strips are unique pre coated strips that allows you to wax quickly and at your convienience .Unlike ordinary waxing Veet superior wax formula grabs hair as short as 2mm giving you superior smoothness up to 4 weeks.

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips are available in three varities which are for

Normal skin which contains shea butter and berry(I got this one)
Dry skin which contains aloe vera and lotus
Sensitive skin which contains Vitamin E and Almond oil

Price of Veet ready to use hair removal wax strips = Rs 69 which contains 8 wax strips + 2 perfect finish    wipes.

Product ingredients – Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, Glyceryl Rosinate, Silica, Polyethaline, Fragrance, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHA

Wipes: Mineral Oil, Hexyldecyl Stearate, Parfume, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetat

        How to use this hair removal wax strips:-

1. Rub the strips between your hands to warm the wax.

2 Very slowly peel the strips apart.Re- use each strip until it loses its grip.

3. Place the strip on to your skin and tub subsequently in the direction of your hair grows.

4 Immediately pull the strip back on itself very quickly as against the direction your hair grows.Hold the skin taut to avoid discomfort.

5. After complete waxing , wipe your skin with the very perfect finish wipe(2 provided in pack) to get rid of any stickiness.

My likes for the product:-

1. Strips doesn’t have any weird smell.It was easy to split and warm between my hands with in 5-10 seconds.The process is very well explained so girls and woman of all the ages can try these strips.

2. It didn’t create much redness on my legs.I did pain me when I used it on my underarms so I didn’t think of using it on bikini line at all.

3. It saves lot of my time of heating of wax.

4. Decently priced.

5. Available for all the skin type.

6.It gives long lasting results.I waxed my underarms 10 days before and there is minimal growth now.

7 Perfect finish wiped which comes along with it are moisturizing for me and soothes my skin a bit after hair removal.Though I never forget to use aloe vera gel after waxing.It gives me instant relief.

8 8 strips doesn’t wax my whole body but easily wax my hand and legs.


1. Going to parlour and waxing is always easy.Here you have to put effort .It is definitely time consuming

2. It might nor suit for sensitive skin (I am not sure about their sensitive skin strips) but looking at the normal skin  result if you have skin rashes problem then you might have to be careful while using it  if  on your underarms or bikini line area.Though the pack says that you can use it but I wont recommend that.

Hair removal tips by the company

1. Regular exfoliation will help to improve result.

2. Check your hair is past the:stubbly”stage.Veet wax strips work best on hair between 2mm and 5mm long.If the hair is longer , trim it before you wax to avoid discomfort.

3. Test the skin by waxing a small part of the area you want to wax, then cleanse with the wipe.If there is no recent after 24 hours, wax the whole area.

Will I re – purchase – Yes, I am going to but them again .It works for me when I am in hurry and do not have the time to visit the parlor or wax myself.

I have heard of Veet wax strips for facial hair removal too.Have you tried them? Are they available in India?

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  1. Dear Anamika,

    A very nice review. I wanted to give them a try, after reading this review I will definitely give them a try now. Thanks for explaining in detail. This post is really helpful.

    Have a great day ahead.



  2. Dear Anamika,

    A very nice review. I wanted to give them a try, after reading this review I will definitely give them a try now. Thanks for explaining in detail. This post is really helpful.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. I wanted to try the wax strips but In have never been able to pull them off properly so was thinking whether to go for this one or not. But, I do not really think that these can be used for bikini line areas. Btw, do they hurt? I never had the heart to try. I always shriek out for just my leg waxing.
    My recent post Wheat Grass for anti-aging

  4. Hi, Anamika,
    I tried these strips after reading your reviews and the results were amazing. Even I hate going to parlour after every 2 weeks for waxing so I am very impressed with this product. I had heard about it but never thought of using it. thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. I love love them… but important thing is that u have to pull it properly as directed and fast…. You have mentioned time consuming as con… but i do both hands and legs in minutes… people who do waxing at home usually will find this very convenient and fast…I have strong growth and it works awesome for me…. love them… :lipstick:

  6. hello every one……….
    if this is not for bikini line then what shud i use for tht area if i want to wax at home ????????
    plz do help me.

  7. are these effective for face wax???
    I hav thich hairs near my chin………will these b able to remve hars hairs too????

  8. I use them more over underarms and feet , I am finding both these parts more blackend now, Is this because of using these strips??


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