Veg Milk Cake


This is a simple delicious recipe but contains loads of calories.Meant for those who have sweet tooth and start salivating by mare mention of deserts.

3 liter Milk
2 cup Sugar
1 and a half tea spoon Alum(Fitkari)
2-3 small cardamoms(Eliachi choti)grinded
Few almonds and Pistachio (According to taste)

1.Boil milk in a pan.
2 When boiled add alum into it.
3.Let it get boiled for 15 min more.
4.Add sugar and boil it again on high flame till it get thicken.
5.When it gets thicken like halwa add ghee into it.
6.Mixture will start turning light brown add cardamom into it.
7.Take out the mixture into a air proof container and add chopped almonds and pistachio into it.
Your milk cake is ready.

In summers you can add 3 puree of mangoes after adding sugar into the milk.Follow rest of the recipe.Your Mango milk cake will be loved by kids as well.


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