Vega Foot Mouse is quite different from  its name and is termed as mouse because of its  appearance:)

  • Price:175 INR

Let us see in detail.


What Vega Claims:-


Foot mouse is a magical tool which has more than 130 micro precision files. It tenderly removes dry and callous skin to keep your feet smooth and beautiful.The foot mouse is designed to fit in to the palms of your hand to making it safe and user friendly.

The main units of the products
a) Top cover
b) Micro precision file
c) Pumice stone
d) Emery pad
e) Bottom cover


Vega foot care products


Top cover  does gives it an appearance of a computer mouse, isn’t it?


Vega foot scrubber


Micro precision file  contains more than 130 micro precision files. It can be used to  file the hard and callous skin  from heels .

Only thing to be careful is,  don’t use it on upper feet, it might cause abrasions.


Pumice stone

Vega scrubber foot care products


Well  it is a normal pumice stone. If you want to know more about pumice stone and it’s advantages, in WiseShe itself, Prerna have written in detail here


Emery pad can be used to shape nails.





How to use the Foot Mouse


Place the micro precision file on the top cover of the foot mouse and hold it facing downwards just like holding a computer mouse. Wet leg and move it front and back.

As a plus point the dry skin removed gets collected in the top cover.


Foot mouse is a magical tool which has more than 130 micro precision files. It tenderly removes dry and callous skin to keep your feet smooth and beautiful.


To remove the skin, remove the top cover, empty the dead skin remainings and clean top cover and micro precision files properly with running water.

Use pumice stone to exfoliate and smooth leg.

Affix the self adhesive emery pad in to bottom cover. Place it in to top cover same as placing precision file and use it to shape nails.



Vega foot care



Things to be noted:


  • After each use clean all the parts using luke warm soap water and dry it properly.
  • Don’t share the foot mouse with any one as there is a chance of infection.
  • Also don’t use if metal file gets rusted.
  • I used to soak my leg in foot soak for 5-10 minutes and use foot mouse and finally apply foot cream.
  • It really do give a well groomed soft leg



What I like about Vega Foot Mouse


  •  A compact pedicure tool which performs 3 functions and easily portable.
  • Fun to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Dead skin gets collected inside top cover itself.
  • Easily cleanable
  • Available in all leading super markets.


 What I don’t like about Vega Foot Mouse 


  •  Nothing I can think off.


Will I buy ?..Sure, if this get spoiled, I will buy again.

Rating – 4/5

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  1. I like this alot..I even got one for my MIL infact….it cleans the foot nicely, but the only thing i dont like is that the file is a bit harsh and people with thin skin or sensi skin shud not use it since it can peel the skin and caus eminor scratches as well..

    but haan, this is perfect for travel and fits anywhere!

  2. When I first saw it I mistook it for some kind of mouse alternative which had been kept in the wrong section :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

    • Even we are having off divya, but because a minister died :p

      Yaa..order it and see dear 🙂

      One small advice, just soak your feet use micro file. I use to do like that and never find any abrasion.

  3. This is exactly like Pedegg which is the best seller in US..I have personally used it and gifted to mum also..I have already ordered it on UT..thanks for the lovely article siri..

      • Used the mouse today :)…LOOOOVE it siri and anamika..i have thick skin and its been quite a while i got a pedicure..the vega mouse really removed lot of dead skin and i cud immediately see / feel the difference..must buy for everyone..

        Anamika – i dint find it harsh. i soaked my feet in water and used the emery pad too..It did an awesome job.


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