Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer Review


Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer Review

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Recently, I shared a quick video on my Youtube channel about how to blow dry your hair to remove frizz and help in styling it. I used this blow dryer to get the perfect blow-dried hair and so I thought why not I share a detailed review on how it works well and if there is something unique about this hair dryer, I should be able to tell you that!

Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer Review

About Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer

Dry your Hair and style it to perfection with Vega Ionic Style 1700W hair dryer which provides radiant shine, eliminates frizz, dries hair fast, gives you sleek, smooth styles every time. This ionic dryer uses technology by emitting ions that eliminates frizz and seal the cuticle for smooth and shiny hair. It also features with redolence technology for shiny and aromatic hair in less time. Cool shot button dispenses cool air that sets your hair style. It features 2 heat /2 speed settings and concentrator accessory for precision air control.

  • Safety automatic overheat cut out 2 heat/speed settings.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • For ease of use at home or while travelling.
  • Cord guard with hanging loop.
  • Hot temperature and powerful airflow.
  • Dual voltage: 120/230V, 50/60Hz, 1100W.
  • 2 year warranty.

Price– INR 1990

Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer speed

My Experience with Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer

I have long hair and I mostly dry my hair with a hair dryer only in order to style them or just keep them frizz free all the time. During winters you need a hair dryer the most because the hair just doesn’t dry on its own!

Being a full time blogger & mom I have to juggle between so many things that sometimes I just don’t have enough time to blow dry my hair forget about styling it in any way!

Well, this time I got hold of a great hair dryer which also helped me in drying my hair super quickly and using it I also straightened my hair in a jiffy, because of the different styling speeds, which makes the work much easier.

It takes hardly 4-5 minutes to dry my long hair. Yes it works fast! It has a plastic nozzle as well to use while straightening the hair with a curler brush! The powerful airflow makes the process much easier and you need to go through the hair length in each section only one time so it is very less time consuming!

Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer

While straightening, you might feel it a little difficult because you are using both the hands but after two or three  times, you will not feel any problem!

The automatic overheat cut out is just the perfect feature as it makes the hair dryer safe to be used even if it has been powered on for a long time, it won’t burn or damage your precious hair at all! 🙂

I used this hair dryer to get the half bun hairstyle which is perfect for quick trips to the mall, dropping your kids to school and maybe just going for a quick coffee! :-)’

vega hair dryer

What I like about Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer?

  • Easy to use
  • Works quickly in drying the hair
  • 2 heat/ speed settings make it easy to try any style
  • Automatic overheat cut out feature is really good.
  • Doesn’t require to use multiple times on a section of hair!
  • Works efficiently
  • Time saving for busy moms

What I don’t like about Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer?

  • Using it along with the curler brush feels a little difficult the first time!


Will I recommend?– Well, I found this hair dryer perfect for hair drying , styling and it also adds a lot of volume to the hair when used along with a curling brush. The process is easier & faster with this hair dryer and so I really liked it! 🙂

You can checkout How I Blow Dry My Hair with this Hair Dryer in the video below-

Have you tried Vega Iconic Style 1700 Blow Dryer before?



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