Vega Makeup Brush Set Review


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Tri-Star Products is the largest beauty accessory company of its type in India marketing the products under the brand name Vega. The main objective of the company is to provide a wide range of innovative and affordable beauty accessories tools from Head to Toe to the Indian consumer. Today Vega products are available in more than 10,000 outlets including most of the departmental stores across India.
The two different types of makeup brushes range from Vega are Regular & the Professional. This set that I got is from their regular range. It is a set of 5 brushes which includes a Lip Liner, Lip Filler, Eye Shadow, Eye Applicator, Blush Brush.

Vega Makeup Brushset Review
My Experience using the brush set:  As soon I got these brushes home, I put them in a bowl of water with a mild shampoo to cleanse them. For some reason, the brushes left a brown color in the water, I thought this might happen for new brushes but after using them & cleansing them again I could still find the color of the water brown, so this leaves a brown tint everytime I wash them. The brushes shed one or two strands of hair every time they are washed.

Now let’s talk about each brush!

Blush Brush- This brush is quite good though it is made of synthetic hair. It’s not too dense however it does the job well. It makes the application of the blush easy & provides even coverage. It isn’t scratchy or irritates the skin.

Eye Shadow brush: This is my favourite among the 5 brushes, the hair is very soft & it picks up decent amount of color & helps in blending to some extent. Though it isn’t dense or fluffy, it does a pretty decent job.

Eye Applicator- The eye applicator is similar to eye shadow applicator that we get along with any makeup palette. The sponge tip is very small & delicate & it picks only a small amount of the color. It’s kind of pretty useless because it doesn’t serve the purpose.

Lip Filler: This brush is very useful to fill your lips, if you have a lip palette & need a brush this is perfect for the job. It has decent amount of hair & glides easily on the lips without being scratchy.

Lip Liner: This is the least favourite among the brushes. It’s not easy to use this since the bristles or hair doesn’t stay together & split making the application quite messy. I don’t reach out for this often instead I use the regular lip pencil to line my lips.

Vega Makeup Brushset
Pros of the brush set:

  • Decently priced.
  • Suitable for a makeup novice! When you are beginner you are pretty much not sure which brand of brushes to try, these brushes are suitable for practice before you reach for the high end brands.
  • None of the brushes are scratchy or irritate my skin but that’s just my opinion.
  • The blush brush can be used to apply loose powder too; it works as a dual purpose brush for me.
  • Easily available at beauty stores.
  • Doesn’t shed much hair, just a few strands!
  • The brushes look very pretty; they have this golden colored casing on the top that makes them look beautiful.
  • Can be easily carried in a bag when travelling, doesn’t occupy much space.

Cons of the brush set:

  • The sponge tip eye applicator looks very flimsy, every time I have used it I thought that could be the last time I would be using it since its very delicate & makes me think it would come off any time.
  • Since the brushes are brown colored, everytime I wash them they leave a brown color so I guess eventually, the color on the brushes would fade making them look plain & bland.

Will I suggest this brush set to Wise She readers: Definitely! If you are beginner & everytime you see Anamika doing those gorgeous EOTDs & wanted to do it on yourself, you need to get this & start practising Girls! :clap-n-jump:


    • Oh Sneha, I found it good ?:-) , guess your skin is sensitive :-)) But there are other brushes from Vega that people rave about which I don’t like, I guess that’s same case here :-))

    • Thanks parudude! Paradude are you a dude :laugh: Just kidding :-))
      After I get bored using this, I’ll try the single ones :yes:

  1. I had once used Vega blush brush, but i felt it was a little scratchy for me..but i like their bindi brushes, useful in my nailart. :victory:

  2. You are Welcome Megha 🙂

    Yeah and like Adivaak said everyone’s experience differes so dont go solely by
    my scratchy experience..

  3. Hi 🙂 Today I saw tis set in a cosmetic shop and was thinking of buying but somhow changed my mind :razzmad: I gt d blusher brush and powder brush separate as I don’t use the others 😀

  4. This kit was one of the first makeup brushes I bought and I liked the eye brushes but that big one was very scratchy :struggle:

  5. I find Vega brushes gud but their quality is diff from brush to brush…someight like a particular brush but someone else wud get the same kind of brush and not find the same quality…They really need to do something about that..


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