3 Vega Makeup Brushes Review


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Vega makeup  Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eye Groomer Brush Review

As you all know, I had got few Vega make up brushes in my previous haul. Adivaah had asked me to do a review on them and since it has been quite some time, I thought it would be alright to review them now.

Vega Powder Brush Review

Vega Powder Brush

Vega powder brush is a hand-crafted 100% natural bristle brush that is perfectly shaped to apply loose setting powder. The sculpted brush head allows for a more precise placement to individual areas when needed.

Price of Vega Powder Brush Rs.140

My compact is the only powder I use and hence I put this to use only for it. It helps me in applying my compact lightly and evenly. The bristles are soft enough and not scratchy. I am guessing it would be nice to use with loose powders too.


Vega Blush Brush

Made with natural hair which is ideal for correct pick-up and blending of the powder. The round shape of the hair allows smooth and even application of the powder. Vega blush brush will enable you to apply the powder blush more precisely both in terms of the amount of color and also the position.

Price Of Vega Blush Brush Rs.110


Vega Eye Makeup Brushes In India

I am new to blush application and I think this brush makes it even easier. Doesn’t pick up too much of the product and helps in a smooth and even application. It is not scratchy at all though I’ve heard some people saying their Vega brushes are scratchy. About that, I think they must have got the one from the brush kit. I saw a brush kit that contains 5 brushes including a blush brush for Rs.185. It was not quite appealing and I stayed away from it. I am just assuming some of them might have got the one from the set

Vega  Eye Groomer Brush

Brush the eye lashes up and outwards to create a neat shape. Use comb to comb the eyebrows or to separate your lashes after applying mascara.

Price Of Vega Eye Groomer Brush Rs.50

Vega Eye Groomer Brushes Review


It does a neat job in grooming the eyes. I use it along with Vaseline when I don’t want to apply mascara and it grooms the lashes just like I have applied mascara.

Will I recommend them Yes if you are looking for cheap brushes especially if you are a beginner to make up like me. There is absolutely no shedding and the brushes are soft enough.


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  1. i have vega powder brush and blush brush and do their job very well… :dance:
    but i have read few reviews where girls hate vega brush in comparison to body shop & sigma brushes, i don’t understand why :-(( :-(( may be they are softer than vega but i’m ok with what i have :smug:

  2. i hav a question.. iv worn blush on only one occasion i.e. my cousin’s wedding.. what does the blush do for the face.. forgive my naivete.. 😛

    • They make you look flushy and alive after the eveness of foundation.. and also helps your cheek look a bit chubby 🙂 Hope that helps…

      Btw Girls ..i have a ques too .. have you ever tried applying liquid foundation with powder brush.. on youtube i saw using stippling brush for foundatn was wondering if i should buy a powder brush for the same. So if anyone has tried doing this please let me know if it can work with powder brush.


    • Blush is known as a makeup for cheeks which is used to simulate a natural glow on the face. You caan also use blush to accentuate other features of your face like nose, chin and forehead. Blush is important while doing makeup coz without it makes u pale. AT times u can also use blush as an eyeshadow for a warm look. Most of indian skin are warm, so use golden hued or peach blushes. For those who have cool undertones use bluish pink blushes. Hope this helps.

  3. Anamika, howz the day, you must be busy making all preprations for the match,making sure you enjoy at home with chips & soft drinks na?? :evilgrin:

    • heheh.. Prerana you have such good memory :-))

      And Anamika, can’t say anything right now 🙂 After all it is random and I have just increased my probability 😀 😀

      Oops sounding like a true CS student :-/ :-/

  4. Chalo Anu, my hubby is back home and directly went to sw/on the TV without saying any hi hello to me :-(( such a indo-pak match crazy…ok me taking your leave, ba bye…match k baad expert comment karne lautenge 😀 😀

  5. I have the blush brush but after using it for a few weeks the bristles became so hard and scratchy.I tried cleaning it but it did no good.I don’t think the bristles are natural as claimed by the company they appear more synthetic.


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