Vegetable Glycerin Oil Uses


Vegetable Glycerin Oil Uses

Hello girlies,

How is everyone’s beauty regime reaching its epoch? Haha, just kidding! Beauty it is something which comes naturally to some, but some, the more Fortunate ones (why underestimate yourself, for something which isn’t in our hands) have to stride very hard for it. Yeah, we are the ones who earn our Beauty! But this earning process requires some will power, a few tricks and tips, a little time, and loads of patience to see the desired results.


I have always believed in taking up the natural way! And going in flow with my obsession with natural products, i read somewhere about the miraculousness of vegetable Glycerin oil or Glycerol! Now glycerol is nothing but a clear, odorless product which is derived generally from soy, palm or coconut oil. Each of the forementioned oils are Tri-glycerides and have three fatty acids in them which are esterified (hence the sweet taste) using glycerin!

By now you might have got enamored with all the scientific technology! But worry not, we have some really simple uses of Glycerin, served on a platter for you!

Blackhead Removal

Take multani mitti(Fullers earth), grinded almond powder and glycerine. Keep the quantity of the almonds more in the mixture. You can take the mixture in 1:2:4 i.e. 1tsp of multani mitti,2 tsp of glycerine and 4 tsp of almond powder .Make a paste of it by adding water and apply it on your black heads. When dried you can rinse the mixture a bit and wash it off with cold water. Washing off with cold water will help the now opened pores due to the extraction of blackheads from them.

glycerin oil


This is pretty simple, and quite an effective cleanser! Either ryou mix in 3-4 tablespoons of raw milk with 1 tablespoon of glycerine and apply it to the desired are; or, you can use a mixture made of citrus acid and glycerine. Add 2 tablespoons of glycerine to a bowl, and add 1 teaspoon of citrus acid keep adding till the mixture turns milky. This can also be used as an overnight cleanser to increase the efficacy.

Shiny, Lustrous Tresses-

Take 1 tablespoon of castor oil and beat it well. Add 1teaspoon of glycerin and 1teaspoon of apple cider vinegar .Mix all the ingredients together properly before adding any carrier oil of your choice (it will work equally well even if you do not add any other oil) and apply it on the roots of your hair. Keep the mixture for half an hour and let your tresses soak in the goodness. Your hair will become shiny, strong and healthy.

Goodbye Acne

You can make an anti-acne lotion by using just the good old glycerin. Take 1teaspoon of glycerine, to this add ½ teaspoon of Borax powder and camphor lotion (available in most pharmacies),and 1 cup distilled water. Now mix all the ingredients well. Apply the paste to your face. Wash it off with lukewarm water once the lotion dries off completely 9you feel a stretch in the skin). Wash your face again with cold water after a few minutes. The lotion can last you longer if stored in the refrigerator.

Toning Moisturizer

Glycerin is undeniably the best moisturizer in the world! Take around 3 tablespoon of glycerin with 3 tablespoon of rose water and store it in a clean spray bottle. Use it as a toning moisturizer whenever required for your face, hand and feet.

Shake the lotion before applying as glycerin generally settles down at the bottom of the bottle.

For excessively oily skin try adding the juice of one lemon. It will do two things one, it imparts a very fresh citrusy fragrance to the toner, and second, it helps keep the sebum levels in check!

Have you tried using Glycerin oil before?

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