Vellvette Box January 2013


All those who have been waiting for their January Vellvette box will have sound sleep today night as your Vellvette box is reaching soon to your door step with in a day or two.Some lucky ones might get it today also :yippee: .You can read more about Vellvette box here 

It came in its usual black box packaging with a golden bow this time.I like storing these cute little bows a lot .Have you noticed that the quality of their bow too is class apart. It’s not those cheap tacky ones.


Velvette box January


Two main products which I got is

Belgian Chocolate Body Scrub

Dior Essential Super Skin Boosting Serum

I love scrubs and I love serums  too so box has been sent as per what I filled in my form.I must tell you that this Belgian chocolate scrub is so so awesome.It’s  delicious, tempting  and almost good enough to eat.Chocolate smell is not artificial and the quantity is good enough to last 5-6 washes.

Then there is Dior Super skin boosting serum which I have used twice and it glides into my skin with in no time .I am glad i got to try it out because the actual  price of this serum is INR 9,000 and through velvette box coupon code one can get it in INR 7835


Nyaasa sugar scrub


There are three small sample of Benefit professional pro balm primer too.This primer helps in minimizing pored and fine lines.


Benefit Pore Perfection



I am yet to try them and each sample contain just .15ml quantity so one can use it just once.



Benfit samples


As usual they have sent cards which has product details and how to use them.


coupons India
With four coupon code..Hey!Don’t use my coupon code yaa! 😀




Do let us know what you got in your Vellvette box this time 🙂


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P.S – We were sent the box on priority basis but I paid for it.



  1. Chocolate scrub looks sooo yummy, woww you got tht serum, am really happy to see the variety they come up with each time! :yes:

  2. Wow!! Look too good. But tell me something frankly are these samples really worth the month you pay for the boxes? I am unable to judge what’s the size of the scrub in the pics but I guess its not more than 50gms. I am just being a little calculative here. Coz we have no control over these boxes. Sometimes you may get things that you will never use. Need your opinion pls!

  3. I got my box Clinique clarifying lotion, Nyassa belgian chocolate scrub and a mini Opi nail varnish in big apple red 😀

  4. I got the Belgian chocolate scrub, Clinique Cleanser and a mini OPI nail paint in white which I hate. I am ok with the scrub and the cleanser but wish the nail paint came in a better shade.


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