Vert Solid Perfume In Tranquil Review


Vert Solid Perfume In Tranquil Review

Hi there, my lovelies! I just received the July My Envy Box and I Am enjoying going through the products. (Don’t forget to check out the review!) I adore beauty boxes because of the chance to try something new, something unique, something I would not ordinarily buy. And at times, you are pleased to discover a new staple of your skincare routine and other times, well.. the products are not worth the plastic they are in. You just chalk it up to experience and move on. Todays product fell into the latter category. I was pretty happy to see Vert Solid Perfume In Tranquil in this month’s My Envy Box, since it would be good for travel. Solid Perfumes are not a very commonly used format so I was curious to see how this fared! Read on to know more..

how to use solid perfume

About Vert Solid Perfume In Tranquil

Price: Rs 1300 for 10gms

Packaging: It comes in a small, plastic tub with a twist off, screw cap. It’s travel-friendly that way and won’t cause spillage or leaking. There is no spatula, so you’ll have to scoop the product out with your fingers. Not ideal in terms of hygiene!

vert solid perfume price

Performance: The perfume is a thick waxy solid balm that’s white in colour. You can scoop it out and rub it on to your pulse points.

vert tranquil solid perume

As for the scent description, here is where it runs into trouble. There is barely any scent. I tried sniffing it and could detect a light and mild spicy floral scent but it was hardly anything! After application, the scent was not long lasting at all. If you sniff long and hard enough, the fragrance is pleasant. But as a perfume, the scent is the first thing that should hit you. One shouldn’t have to work so hard to make it work. Not impressed at all!

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Will I recommend it?: Not at all. Rs 1300 for barely any scent! Its only job was to smell nice and it failed badly at that. Not a repurchase from my side. I’m glad it was part of a beauty box. If I had paid full price for it, I would have been very disappointed. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Mujhy bhi envybox me mila per mujhy bilkul bhi pasand nahi aaya, koi khas khushbu bhi nahi hai
    Thanks for honest review


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