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I haven’t told you guys about my big haul of Lo’real, Garnier products rite? I shall post a pic of my haul, well there was a sale going on and myself along with my friend visited the sale all 3 days ..yes going crazy for sure and if I tell you the sale story you will have good laugh. So back to our business there were also Vichy products which happens to be popular European brand, I didn’t paid much attention to Vichy products only reason is I don’t know much about Vichy, they had only limited product which mostly not of my use and not very good discount 🙂
But one thing that taught my attention was this Vichy Eau Thermale (which is nothing but spa water) and this is a limited edition bottle design other wise the bottle is quite full looking white colour.


Vichy Eau Thermale review+vichy products review

  • Product ~ Vichy Eau Thermale
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price ~ SGD 19.90 for 150ml (appr INR 750),  In sale I got it for 12.90
  •  Product Claim ~  Skin is reinforced, comforted, and instantly soothed. Helps reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. 100% pure thermal water free of preserving agents, perfume free.
  • How to use ~  Spray on face or anywhere in body.

First we shall check out what exactly it this product

  •  VICHY EAU THERMALE: Thermal water from Vichy  is drawn from the Lucas Spring in the town of Vichy, France.. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements. It soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin immunity. Suitable for all skin types.Spray the water on your skin and leave it to take effect for a while and then dry gently. It can be used for refreshment several times a day, for perfect make-up removal in the morning and in the evening.


What is thermal water?


A highly concentrated water with 15 mineral salts and trace elements, to soothe the skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. Recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing properties, it is an essential complement to any skin care regimen.

The Vichy Thermal Spa Water (Eau Thermale) is a unique water well known for its fortifying and soothing properties. Not just a hydrant booster, it soothes the skin and reinforces its barrier function. By protecting and fortifying the skin, our skin becomes more resistant to environmental aggressions. It can be used all over (with and without makeup on), at any time of day for an instant boost of hydration.


How to use Vichy Eau Thermale


The spray is also great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and the ways we can use is:

  •  We can use it before moisturising
  • After makeup (it helps to make makeup stay for longer)
  • Apply during day to keep the skin hydrated


vichy eau thermale spray review+vichy skin care

You can see it comes in a metal bottle just like any deo bottle which in white in colour and with a blue cap and some gal design all over it.

**All the pics shot in my office as this bottle I kept in my office

I think it’s important rehydrate our skin especially so if we are always in an air-con environment or in hot humid country like Singapore – both these environments make our skin hydrated. .

The Vichy Thermal Spa Water’s 15 minerals components include:

  • Calcium :  Protects skin tissue
  • Potassium: Helps in hydrating skin cells
  • Silicon: Densifying; regenerating
  • Magnesium : Stimulates skin regeneration
  • Iron: Helps in oxygenating skin cells
  • Manganese : Combats oxidation and stimulates healing
  • Copper: Has an anti-inflammatory action
  • Zinc: Necessary for cell-growth and healing
  • Bromine, Fluorine, Boron, Lithium, Strontium: They also contribute to these very special properties.


So after talking all this what it does to skin? Skin is more supple and resistant, all congestion is relieved.


Vichy Eau Thermale how to use+vichy laboratories products

Some of the way we can use this: [I take not guarantee that it will work for the below mention scenario, I just happened to read about it]

 To be used for General:

  • Soothes (anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant) and strengthens the skin (protects skin tissue against ageing)
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Improve skin natural defence
  • Removes cleanser or soap residue
  • Tones, softens and smoothes the skin
  • Sets make-up, removes excess oil during day
  • Improves skincare efficacy

And for Treatment:

  • After shaving/depilatory, after sport
  • After chemical peels, lasers
  • To soothe acne prone skin
  • When skin is irritated, allergic, dry or itchy
  • When skin is inflamed
  • To soothe sunburn
  • Baby diaper’s rash
  •  Re-buy?  Hmm if in good sale then yes otherwise I think our rose water is not bad either gals :)  Whether you want to try this or not I leave it upto you.
  • Cons ~ Expensive


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  1. You gals should appreciate that we click on office and think about wiseshe then making fun :p …

    @Zara, read e post to know what it is …it’s like water spray something like rose water

    @Nivedita …am not sure if it’s available in India

  2. even I use La roche porsy thermal water for cleaing. After cleaing makeup with makeup remover I use thermal water and it’s helps me to deep clean my face. Thermal water is good for skin ( oily skin)

  3. @Anu …glad that your are proud 😀

    @Kejal …I never tried nail painting n all too shy for that ….and I write post at home only …I don’t get to pay attention in office .. This bottle happen to be at office so I just clicked and see how much hu-ha its making!


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