Vichy Nutrilogie 1 Review


Vichy Nutrilogie 1

 It was the beginning of the winters and I was desperately looking for a good nourishing cream to make my dry skin comfortable and not flaky and itchy as the mercury dropped. I heard a lot about Vichy Nutrilogie 1 and the promises it made to keep skin super hydrated for 24 hours. Yes! You heard it right- for 24 hours!

 Vichy Nutrilogie cream reviews+Vichy Nutrilogie cream reviews+vichy product reviews

  • Price: Rs. 1450 (You might get a neat discount depending on where you buy it from)
  • Where to Buy: You can buy Vichy Nutrilogie 1 online and have it delivered to your doorstep
  • Active Ingredient: Sphingo-lipid, a molecule that allows the skin to recreate its own lipids. Anti-free-radical complex with plant oils rich in essential fatty acids like Parleam and Glycerine.

Vichy Nutrilogie reviews+Vichy nutrilogie cream+vichy product reviews

Vichy Nutrilogie 1 is an intensively hydrating skin care for dry skin that is patented with an ultra-penetrating formula- patented Sphingo Lipid. What the cream promised was helping the skin produce its own lipid thus making it comfortably hydrated for as long as 24 hours!

 My Experience with Vichy Nutrilogie 1

With my super dry skin I was looking forward to Vichy charm to work the magic. I was too excited when I received the product. With a neat packing and cool look, it was definitely impressive.

  • Texture: I found the consistency of the cream to be thick (not greasy) – perfect for night use.
  • Color: White in color, it has a light fresh fragrance- nothing empowering.

 Vichy Nutrilogie 1 reviews+vichy

What I found Out: This is definitely by far the best cream that I have used- especially for the harsh winters. I did notice a difference right from day one. I woke up to a super soft skin and most importantly, my skin stayed moisturized all day through. Moreover, my face has a soft glow to it now. I am truly in love with Vichy.

  It’s not sticky or greasy, but gives the skin a very comfortable hydrated feeling once applied. This is the best of what I loved about Vichy Nutrilogie 1. It simply glides on the facial skin. I have worn it under my makeup and it was good- nothing oily and shiny.

Recommendation: I would definitely love to use the product again and would recommend it if you have a dry skin. Most importantly, it’s not too harsh on your pocket and a little goes a long way.

Cons: I have not found anything negative about the cream so far- after using it for almost a little more than a month. The cream did not make me break out as well. (I do get occasional acne, but did not with this one- so far)

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  1. Glad it worked for u Bidisha :-)) Vichy products always look so tempting :inlove: Ive been wanting to try their normaderm triactiv moisturizer…but it has such mixed reviews that ive held back. It wud be sad to buy such a pricey product n then figure out that it doesn’t work. Has any1 tried it?

  2. Was wondering what the 1 in the name means? does it mean they have a variation for oilies as well? if i ‘d love to get it ! :yippee:

  3. Awesome. :yippee: :yippee: i’ll chk out Vichy’s skin care range for combi skin next. :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: My Kiehl’s stuff is getting over soon. 😉

  4. 24hrs?!?!?! Bids, y dint u tell me this b4??? i wud have snaped it up in a jiffy!! if this is so gud, its well worth the cost i feel 🙂


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