Victoria’s Secret Bath & Body Works Body lotion Reviews


My New temptation – Victoria’s Secret and Bath & body works Body lotion Review

Happy Weekends Girls! 🙂

How r u All?? Ok! So tell me Honestly..How many of you go bonkers over the name “VICTORIA’s SECRET” “& “BATH & BODY WORKS”??? Or Should I say…BODY LOTION from VICTORIA’S SECRET & BATH & BODY WORKS??? 😀 😀

Yes, that was a Teaser so let the movie begin… Presenting to you, my favourite brands over the years.



   L-R – moonlight path, lost in fantasy, wild scarlet, amber romance, Japanese cherry blossom.

Victoria’s Secret and Bath & body works Body lotion Review+victoria secret bath and body lotion reviews

      I know winters are over and you must be thinking why I am bringing this to you now. But, Do we stop drinking water in other seasons?? No, right! Same is with our skin; they need all the pampering and needs to be hydrated throughout the year. And with enchanting smell like that of VS and BBW who will deny having them. I am completely in love with all of them.  They mesmerize me and make me crave for more.  I can’t tell you the exact price of the body lotion because this was brought to me by my Aunt who resides in US (you know the benefits of having imported and extended families :P). I am a huge fan of Body lotions and perfumes and you will always find me smelling good!  I love using them because they hydrate your skin, keep your skin from ageing, make your skin healthy and wrinkle free and last but not the least they smell so so good. These lotions are thick in consistency, non-sticky and simply last forever on your skin, Even if I take bath the next day, I find them lingering on my skin and I love that <3.My colleagues and friends love having me because of the lovely fragrance I spread when I walk around. They link me with the fragrance and as soon as I enter the room they just know it I am “IN” 😀 😉

L-R – Lost in fantasy, wild scarlet, amber romance


Lost in fantasy, wild scarlet, amber romance Victoria secret+victoria secret body lotion last in fantasy reviews

Victoria’s Secret Bath & Body  Range Product claims –

Experience the luxury of fragrant hydration Fast-Absorbing formula contains nourishing Aloe, Oat and Grapeseed Extracts, plus Anti oxidant Vit E and C. Massage on for Silky, replenishing moisture. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.

Lost in fantasy – Make a sexy escape with LOST IN FANTASY, a private oasis of Brazilian Orchid and mouthwatering Kiwi.

Wild Scarlet – Tempt in wild scarlet, A bite of juicy apple with A naughty kiss of lily.

Amber Romance – Ignite an amber romance, a sensual embrace of sultry amber and crème anglaise.

Moving on to BATH & BODY WORKS….

                                            L-R – Moonlight path, Japanese cherry blossom

Japense cherry blossom review victoria secret reviews+japanese cherry blossom product reviews+body lotions

Bath and Body works product claims –

Our exclusive Signature Body lotion formula, fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vit E, hydrates skin with moisture that lasts all day. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished, making it the perfect daily moisturizer.

Moonlight path – Smooth over body to moisturize and lightly fragrance skin with our exclusive, classic Moonlight Path, an opulent floral bouquet that captures the essence of moonlit strolls in lush gardens.

Japanese Cherry Blossom – Smooth over body to moisturize and lightly fragrance skin with our exclusive, award-winning, Japanese cherry Blossom, a seductive and mysterious floral scent inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan.

My verdict on the Bath & Body  lotions :-

I am madly in love with the lotions.VS is a luxury product and truly a temptation. Its like a sexy woman who tempts you. 😛 The fragrance is irresistible and perfect for a date, romantic dinner or just to wooo that someone special 😉 Whereas, BBW is designed for daily wear; mild, lovely, innocent fragrance. My favourite amongst them is Amber romance. I have already finished a bottle, this is my second, cant seem to get over on this one <3. Both the brands are simply perfect to make someone FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU <3.

Tip – I honestly feel guys especially like girls who smell nice 😉

P. S – With these lotions, I don’t need any perfume, body mist or sprays to smell good. This lotion lingers on my skin till I take bath the next day or even after that. It is that strong and I don’t see any cons until and unless one is sensitive to strong fragrances.

So do you have any VS or BBW lotion? What is your experience with body lotions?

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  1. It stays put till you have a bath!! i ahve never tried any VS products…and i’m allergic to perfumes…this seems like a product for ME !!

  2. Girls! These lotions are SUPAH AWESOME! if u ever get them anywhere , blindly take it, I make my cousins and aunts send me this before the bottle gets over.. I am so in :heart: with them!
    And yes.. Mit! I mean every word wen i say it lingers on ur skin till u take bath the next day.. I swear by this!
    I dont touch my perfume at all, coz these lotions overtake the fragrance of the perfume! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :rose:

  3. I got a set of these lotions too. VS had a thanksgiving sale…15$ for these 3 lotions n their mists. these exact fragrances. The other full size fragrances were much nicer actually. You all would love those. And I have amber romance from BBW, which goes awesome with VS mist. Beautiful layering.

  4. Ohh I am in California, thats where I saw the deal…If you guys have relatives abroad, you should ask them to shop for these on thanksgiving Black Friday Sales…BBW is 3 pe 3 free, plus this huge tote bag for 20 bucks filled with atlst 7-8 items. VS has half price stuff, lotions or mists 7 for 30$. You have ridiculous sales that time. VS also releases these coupons that give u a free panty w/o purchase…Have used a couple of these to get super awesome ones…:P

    • U r soo right..Mugs! Now i got it, why my Aunt keeps telling me that I am waiting for the sale here… coz den its gets cheaper to buy VS & BBW in stock! 😉 :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

      • I think I have heard of it…Not sure….I am more in touch with Walmart brand….Student budget has its disadvantage 😛 Although sometime back I bought a groupon which let me buy 2 ginger shampoo, 2 banana shampoo, pomegranate toner, aloe toner n a couple of soaps from TBS…I was over the moon! haha….And you know what, after thanksgiving on Monday, is the Cyber Monday, where you get CRAZAY online deals…Good for India shipping….On, cherryculture, hollister, aeropostale, H&M, abercrombie, electronics, VS etc. This time Fayda Uthao….

  5. I guess the easiest way out is to find an air hostess friend.. Freak my cousins bff is an air hostess.. And my cousin gets al d benefits of having al dese victoria secret, bbw, bath and body and various amazing brands so cheap.. Any crew here.. Pllsss can i be ur best friend :hug-makeup:

  6. Thanks for sharing info about these lotions.. I have always enjoyed their products and I make it a point to visit their stores when I go abroad or any of my friends go there. I also enjoy products that have a nice fragrance to them like this lotion and even the parachute body lotion which has a nice light scent that lingers on me.

  7. iam using bbw japanese cherry blossom body lotion from a month..nd i love it…when i enter class room aftr applyng…every 1 askng me wat perfume iam using..i got so mny complmnts…its really 1 of the best..


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