Video Updates On Wise She This Week : L’Oreal Matte Lipsticks, Gift Ideas


Video Updates On Wise She This Week : L’Oreal Matte Lipsticks, Gift Ideas

Hello Wise She Beauties,

I am back again with the video updates from the WiseShe Group of Youtube Channels and here are some interesting videos which got publishes last week.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Amazon.In

Well, this video got published just in time on the Valentine’s Day which offers a wide variety of gift cards or e-cards which are ideal for those who are running out of time and have not planned anything special for their partners on Valentine’s Day or their engagement or any other anniversary.

These are some very useful gift cards which can be gifted to your loved ones and they can use these cards to purchase anything of their choice. I think its a very apt idea for all those who are busy with work and career as taking out time to pick up a gift for their close ones surely is not possible for them. This surely saves from the utter confusion one has to go while deciding gifts for their partners. Do have a look at the video for a better idea! 🙂

9 L’Oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks For Pigmented Lips & Dusky Skin

I have already done a post on these pretty lip shades from L’Oreal Moist Matte Range but there is nothing better than reviewing all these for you on youtube as many of you might not be able to check it out on the blog. So here I am with a quick video where I will be showing these lipsticks one by one on my pigmented lips and dusky skin.

The lipsticks are matte textured but they melt a lot, even during winters, so this is a problem with these lipsticks are they need to be stored in the refrigerator. The shades are vibrant and mostly bold ones with only one or two subtle nude shades. Do check the video for the swatches of all these pretty shades.

Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream Review

Zara reviewed a useful product for toddlers, which is a diaper rash cream. Diaper rash is one of the most common problems which new mothers get worried about as the baby skin is really soft and whether you use a cloth diaper or a pant style diaper available from stores, the child is bound to get rashes. Well, this cream is really effective in treating the skin rashes quickly and has a thick consistency which makes the skin area soft and smooth. The cream is definitely recommendable as it is not at all harmful for the baby skin and lasts for a longer time of about 3-4 months with daily usage. Do checkout the detailed review if you wish to know more about this diaper rash cream.

Pant Style Diaper : Libero vs Pampers Review

Zara also shared a detailed review on pant style diapers and has done a clear comparison between Libero & Pampers diapers. Since she only uses pant style diapers for her toddler daughter, the comparison made is for this itself. Pampers is a more popular brand in comparison to Libero and it reaches out to every secluded area of Indian cities. However , there are lesser number of people who are aware that Libero is a baby care brand which happens to offer a wide variety of baby care products. Do checkout the video for other details.

I hope you liked these videos! I will be back next week with some more interesting stuff from Wise She channel!

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