Video Updates On Wise She This Week : Milani, Sleek Blush & Eye Tutorial


Video Updates On Wise She This Week

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Here I am with the video updates from the WiseShe Youtube Channel & Mom & Baby Tv of Baby Blog!

6 Milani Color Statement Lipsticks-

I recently shared this video of 6 Milani Color Statement Lipsticks, four out of which I got recently from a friend who was coming from US as these are not available in India. Milani cosmetics have a good name in makeup world and so every cosmetic item from them is considered a luxury to own given the world class formulation of their makeup products. The lovely bold shades have been shown separately in the video so do checkout what is your pick from these stunning 6 lip shades.

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pink Sprint-

Zara reviewed this amazing Blush By 3 palette from Sleek Makeup and the pink blush variant is surely apt for her NC25 skin tone. The unique feature about these Blush By 3 palettes are that you can enjoy three different blushes in a single palette and is very ideal for carrying purposes too.

3 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils & Ways To Use-

I also shared a video tutorial on how to use Jumbo eye pencils in 4 different ways to make them work on you or achieve a different look for the special occasions. The NYX Jumbo pencils are raved for their amazing formulation and can be used as eye liners, eye shadow base, highlighter, or an eye kohl on the waterline.

Do watch the video if you wish to achieve a subtle eye look for the different wedding occasions of the season!

You can buy NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil from here

10 Blushes For Indian Skin tone-

Another interesting video on the WiseShe Makeup channel was the different blush shades suggestion for the Indian skin tones. All the shades described in the video have already been reviewed on the blog and one can easily choose the blush shade from the list of top 10 blushes which will look great on the typical Indian Skin tone.

Toystore Market Trolley Review-

Zara got this market trolley for her toddler daughter to pamper her on Children’s day and also to keep her entertained at home on weekends. This is basically a non-battery operated toy which will keep toddlers engaged for a long time. It can be easily assembled to a trolley like that is available in shopping malls. There are some objects related to day to day life to make the toddlers trolley experience much closer to reality.

How To Teach Expressions To Kids-

I recently got this Chalk & Chuckles Monkey Expressions learning game online for my daughter and it is a really innovative way to teach the different expressions to the growing kids. This game is suitable fr kids above 30 months and have started speaking and understanding. The game has five different expressions which are mainly magnetic boards which can be placed on a money figure. So when these expressions get associated with the monkey it becomes even more interesting for the kids. My daughter has started recognizing these expressions in general when I do imitate the sad and happy face expressions! This makes me really happy and also helps the child in developing the art of the correct expression.

Well, these were the video updates on WiseShe Youtube channel and I hope you like all of these. Do checkout the individual videos and like and subscribe for more updates.

Have you seen these video update?

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