Video Updates On Wise She This Week : The Body Shop Skincare, Beauty Tag


Video Updates On Wise She This Week

Hello Wise She Readers,

I hope you had a great weekend!

I am here with the videos from the Wise She makeup channel on Youtube which you might have missed checking out during the week. This time we had some interesting reviews and unique videos like the Beauty Tag one with 30 questions.

Lets have a look at each one of them separately!

 30 Questions Beauty Tag

A one of its kind video is this one by Zara where she has answered the cult favorite beauty tag questions in association with  Priti Kommera from

This is surely a must watch video from the Wise She Youtube channel and you will also get to know the interesting beauty products used by both of the bloggers and may have your own set of beauty tag questions.

3 Must Have The Body Shop Skincare Products This Winter

I recently shared a video where I discussed my major skincare concern during the inter season and what are the three best products from The Body Shop which have worked for my skin keeping in mind the climate changes during the winter season.

The products are The Body Shop Vitamin E & Moisture Cream, Nutriganic Smoothing Mask, Argan Oil Scrub and all of these are effective in treating dry patches and issues of dull skin.

All these products have really fared well for my combination skin and I absolutely recommend all of you to try these products for the winter season if you wish to have a soft and supple healthy skin during the winter season.

Gia Bath & Body Works Angel Facial Cleansr-

This is one great facial cleanser that Zara reviewed recently as a great staple for her sensitive & dry  skin during the winters. The cleanser is powdery and needs to be dampened first to use it on the face and then rinse off. The best thing about this cleanser is the effect on sensitive skin and how easily it clears the skin without any breakouts or any other skin issues. The facial cleanser is devoid of any harsh chemical like SLS so you can easily go ahead using this cleanser without any worry about the chemicals.

Price- INR 590 for 200g. The product can be purchased by contacting Gayatri from Gia Bath & Body Works on their  Facebook  page.

Do’s & Don’ts of Using A Pacifier for Babies-

Zara’s interesting myth buster video on the do’s & don’ts of using pacifiers and what are the main concerns of mothers who use pacifiers for their babies.

She shares her personal experience of why she opted for pacifiers for her daughter. In her own words ” My daughter has used pacifiers for a period of about 14-15 months. My reason to go for soothers was inability to breastfeed properly. I couldn’t produce enough milk after a month so opted for pacifiers.”

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I will be back next week! till then stay beautiful!

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