Video Updates On Wiseshe This Week : Dirty Works, Disney Shower Gel, Humidifier


Video Updates On Wiseshe This Week : Dirty Works, Disney Shower Gel, Humidifier

Hello Everyone,

So  I assume everyone of you had a great weekend. So here I am with the new video updates from the Youtube Channels Wiseshe Makeup & Mom N Baby TV. If somehow you missed watching the videos you can quickly have a glimpse of them here itself. So lets begin!

Dirty Works Bare Necessity Body Lotion

Zara reviewed this Dirt Works Bare Necessity Body lotion which has been really great for her dry skin. She is fond of skincare stuff from Dirt Works and the best thing is it is light weight and not thick as body butters. It is really sweet smelling and the fragrance stays on for a few minutes. During summers it is surely not a great choice as the consistency is on the thicker side. It didn’t cause any redness on her sensitive skin. The skin is hydrated enough for 2-3 hours and in air conditioned environment it tends to be hydrated for much long time. There is no amount of sun protection in this body lotion. Overall, it is a decent body lotion which sensitive dry skinned people can easily opt for.

Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier-

A Humidifier is a really innovative device that is slowly being popular as it tends to treat many health issues like asthma,cold & cough etc in adults as well as young kids. For those areas where the atmosphere is too dry you can always use this device at home to keep the optimum level of moisture in the surrounding. If you have dry skin you can keep it in your room and wake up to normal supple skin without applying loads of body lotion before sleeping. It also speeds up the healing process in case of normal cold & cough in new-born babies and kids. In adults it tends to provide relief from the snoring problem and ensures a sound sleep all the night. Checkout the detailed information about using and benefits of using a humidifier.

Disney Baby Shower Gel Review

Zara got a shower gel from Disney for her toddler daughter. She opted for the Mickey variant as her daughter loves Mickey mouse a lot!  The flip top cap is nice and shuts tightly. The packaging is good although a transparent packaging would have made it a lot easier to decide how much product is left. The shower gel foams well and rinses well without leaving any residue behind. Her daughter has allergic sensitive skin and this shower gel didn’t dry out the skin unlike the Chicco shower gel she used before. Overall it is a decent shower gel which can be used on sensitive skin of kids without a doubt. Also the bath time is more fun when kids find their favorite cartoon characters with them in the washroom! Do checkout the video guys!

So, this was all from the youtube channel and I will be back next week with lots more interesting stuff for you all!

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