Video Updates On Wiseshe This Week : US Drugstore Shopping Haul, Skincare Favs


Video Updates On Wiseshe This Week : US Drugstore Shopping Haul, Skincare Favs

Hello Everyone,

I am here again with the recent video updates from the Wiseshe group of youtube channels so without much thoughts lets have a look at what all was new and interesting on Youtube this week.

US Drugstore Shopping  Haul India

I recently shared the video I did were I showed my US Drugstore Shopping Haul which I managed to get from my friend Sravanthi who was coming to India.Well, I have been reviewing the products since a while and the video is a little late to show you guys. Well, I have another package which is still with her and the time it will reach me I will show all the stuff to you guys surely. Till then enjoy the video guys.

10 MAC Pink Red Lipstick Shades

This video compiles a list of some of the most pretty Pink Red lipstick shades from the renowned brand of MAC. The brand surely needs no introduction when it comes to being one of the best lipsticks in the makeup world. The bold pink red and red shades with a little pink hue are quite liked by the lipstick addicts and also tends to suit most of the skin tones. Do checkout your favorite lipstick shade from this compilation of ten lipsticks.

My Skincare & Makeup Favs : January & February

I hope you remember Zara’s interesting January skincare favorite video on youtube. Well, now she is back with another video on the skincare & makeup favorites for the months of January and February combined as she didn’t change much products in these two months and used almost the same stuff. So checkout the video to know what products she repeatedly used for both the months and what products were on the backseat as the climate continues to change gradually as the months pass.

Daycare Dilemma : Why I Opted For Daycare

This is a really helpful video Zara shared a few days ago which has an interesting topic of whether a toddler should be kept in day care or left at home with a full time maid. Honestly speaking after seeing so many videos on Facebook and everywhere on the internet, it is really unsafe for the little kids to be left all alone at home with a maid as the sole person who will be with the child is the maid and you can’t get a a homely and trustworthy caring maid who will take care of the child in a proper way. Zara shares her deepest concerns and also discusses what all things should be kept in mind when deciding for whether to put your child in daycare or with a maid at home. All the moms need to surely checkout this video!

Well, these were some of the recent updates from the Wiseshe Group of Blogs on Youtube and I will be back next week with lots more stuff!

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