Video Updates This Week On Wise She: Basic Contouring, Blush Reviews


Video Updates This Week On Wise She:  Basic Contouring, Blush Reviews

Hello Beauties,

I am here again with all the video updates from the Wise She Makeup channel on YouTube. I hope you have subscribed to our channel and like our videos. Do make sure to give your valuable feedback!

So let us begin with the video reviews and other tutorials on the Wise She Makeup Channel.

Basic Contouring Makeup: Round Face Contouring Tutorial

The week started off with this basic makeup contouring video where the very pretty Zara explained about how to contour a round face effortlessly and in a natural way. In fact she herself did a quick tutorial and showed what areas of the face to be contoured to get that perfect illusion of sculpted cheeks especially when you have a round face like her. Very interesting and easily explained steps! Do watch it girls!

L’Oreal Lucent Magique Blush in Duchess Rose Blush Review

Needless, to say, Zara is back again with another Blush from her recent makeup collection and this one is the recently launched Loreal Lucent Magique Blush in the beautiful pink shade. It has basically three shades which altogether give the hint of perfect blush on the cheeks. It is not very pigmented and one needs to swipe it more than any usual blush to actually show up on the skin. The shade is good for beginners who just want a hint of blush on the apples but for a defined look, you definitely need to hunt for a good blush.

Kryolan Youth Red Blush Review+Video

Another video by Zara is where she reviewed a blush for you all and she as you all know she is also called the Blush Queen of Wise She because of her immense addiction towards blushes. Well, this particular blush is of a tomato red shade and really pigmented so in the video Zara talks about how to carefully apply this blush with light strokes so that it does not look odd on application. If you happen to love blushes but don’t know how to evenly apply them, this video is surely going to help you all as it just discusses the amount and technique of blush application to make it look natural.

Beauty Blender Sponge Price, How to use & Cleaning

I have come up with this latest video on the Wise She Makeup channel and this is all about the Original Beauty Blender and how to perfectly use it in applying foundation, and its basic cleaning. Since this product is not available in India I got it from abroad through one of my friend. Although now many stores have started keeping it which I am not sure are the original ones or the fake ones, as there are many fake ones to in the market.

There have been rave reviews about this makeup accessory and that how it helps in the perfect foundation application. Do watch the video for the basic foundation application tips with this beauty blender. Also checkout the  easy cleaning tricks. 🙂

Well, these were few of the videos published on the Wise She Youtube channel. I hope you like each of these videos. Do like & subscribe our channel for more interesting updates!

I will see you next week with more updates!

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