Video Updates This Week On Wise She : Kryolan, Hand Mositurizer


Video Updates This Week On Wise She : Kryolan, Hand Mositurizer

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great start to the New Year celebrating with your family and friends. Coming back to the weekly video roundup from the Wise She Makeup Channel & Mom & Baby TV from Youtube, here I have the videos from both of our channels which were published the last week. While you all were busy in welcoming the new year, I have all the video updates here to let you check them out at one place.

5 Best Must Have Kryolan Products

I recently shared a video on the 5 best Kryolan products that one should surely try if they love makeup. I am very fond of Kryolan products and keep visiting the store in Delhi. However, when it comes to eye shadows and lipsticks I prefer MAC & other brands more. Kryolan products are specially great in the makeup base and foundations, makeup sticks, concealer and finishing sprays etc.

Semolina/ Sooji Balls For Kids Lunch Box-

I shared an interesting recipe which is perfect for your kid’s lunch box specially when you have not much time and still you want to give something delicious & tempting in your little one’s lunch box so that they are easily able to finish the food when they come back home. This is basically a crunchy ball which uses semolina/sooji as main ingredient and several other ingredients which are healthy and liked by all the kids. This recipe is very easy and takes very less time to cook and so when you are in a hurry and you haven’t repared anything for your kid’s lunch in advance, try giving these crispy balls to your kid.

DIY Homemade Moisturizing Lotion For Babies-

Recently, I also shared an interesting video tutorial of a DIY Homemade moisturizing lotion for babies. Winters tend to do a lot of damage to our super soft skin and so we resort to so many products to protect our skin from the dry winters. However, baby skin is very delicate and sensitive and we are left with very limited choices of products that can be used on the soft baby skin as there are many occasions when the products don’t suit their skin and rashes and redness emerge as a side effect which is really concerning for the moms and babies. So, I thought of sharing this DIY lotion which I have been using on my daughter’s skin which is safe and free from any synthetic preparations. I use a mixture of Glycerin, Rose water & olive oil to give the soothing and hydrating effect on my daughter’s skin so that it is free from the dryness. IT also protects the baby skin from minor rashes, cuts and cracks that tend to develop in the extra dry winters.

One can easily avoid the olive oil and use the mixture as a great staple during the summer season as well.

I hope you liked these video from both the channels of Wise She. We will be coming with many more such interesting videos in the coming week! Till then take care!

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