Video Updates This Week On WiseShe : Easy Rangoli Design, Zoo Activities For Playschool Kids


Video Updates This Week On WiseShe

Hello WiseShe Beauties, Today I am here with the Video Updates This Week On WiseShe from the WiseShe Makeup channel and Mom & Baby Tv on youtube and those of you who missed checking out some very interesting videos amidst Diwali Preparations may just check it out here at a place!

Lets have a look at the video I shared on WiseShe Makeup channel!

Diwali Banter & Lazy Girl Beautiful Rangoli Design

I hope you checked out my Diwali Banter and an easy rangoli design I tried this year as I got hurt and my ankle twisted which left me unable to move and so I opted for a quick rangoli this Diwali. It is also for those who are too busy with other stuff. Those who cannot take out much time for all this but still want to have that feel of festivals!

I am also wearing my Diwali makeup and outfit in the video so you can have a quick look at that as well!

Zoo Activities For Preschool|Pre School Zoo Crafts

I recently shared an interesting zoo activity on Mom & Baby TV which is also the Wise She Zoo for my daughter who loves to do these interesting crafts. The main theme behind this activity was to make an engaging project of preparing a model zoo where all the animals are kept as per their natural habitat. I used cardboard box to prepare a mini version of the zoo. And I placed different categories of animals like the grass eaters together. The carnivores were kept in a cage and others were left to roam around and graze. I also made a well in the middle of the zoo so that the herbivores animals can drink water from there. Although I think a pond would have been more appropriate!

You can also try making similar activity projects along with your kids to entertain them in a fun and educational manner!

CVC Builders Activity Cards|Fun Learning English Alphabet Games

Price: INR 1100

This activity card set is really interesting for learning enhancement in kids and is entertaining for them. The Consonant Vowel Consonant activity cards are designed such that it is easy for a kid to learn and identify several objects and along with learning it also promotes them to know how it is pronounced and what is the spelling. These are basically three color coded cards. These have three letter words on each of the cards with a picture which symbolizes the object. Although there is a letter set which needs to come along with this activity card but since I was not aware I managed to use my scrabble letter blocks to go with this activity card!

Checkout the video below and know how you can make learning much more interesting for kids!

Hope you like these Interesting videos from WiseShe Makeup Channel on Youtube! I will be back with lots more interesting videos next week!

Have you see these Video Updates on Youtube?

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