Vintage Beauty Hacks That Are Still Popular


Vintage Beauty Hacks That Are Still Popular

Beauty is a state of mind and one who feels beautiful from inside is naturally beautiful on the outside! Well, beauty is not particular to a skin color or facial features but actually relates to how can you embrace the beauty within yourself irrespective of the complexion or facial features and still manage to give envy to any creature on the earth who calls itself beautiful!

Well, enough on beauty! Today I am here to talk about some age old beauty hacks which have been popular since our grandmother’s time and these are so useful and worthy beauty hacks that still they are quite popular!

Lets dig in some of the most useful beauty hacks of the past which are relevant still!

Fruits as Facial Cleansers-

Strawberry skin care

If you are out of stock on your face wash and have no option other soap, then a fruit comes really handy to act as a natural cleanser, scrub and face mask!

homemade strawberry scrub

You can use fruits like strawberry, papaya, pineapple, orange any be merry as the natural ingredients will rejuvenate your skin like anything!

Fuller Earth’s mud for bathing-

fuller's earth powder

When there were no cosmetic bath soaps or shower gel, women used fuller earth’s mud to cleanse the face and body and naturally remove the impurities from the skin!

bentonite clay mask benefits

Well, these days there are so many types of naturally occurring clay which are very much popular among beauties!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly-

Petroleum Jelly and lemon juice

This liquid petroleum jelly is extremely useful for the skin and has been used since so many generations. Well, to add to the list of its uses, it can also be used as a makeup primer in case you are running out of your favorite makeup primer! 🙂

Sea Salt as body scrub-

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub Review

The seas salt which was once used to exfoliate the body for a smooth and soft skin has now tremendous popularity and nowadays so many sea salt foot care products, bath salts are being introduced in stores after seeing the inclination of more women for these products!

One can even see so many spa salon which use sea salt products for an exclusive beauty experience!

Mint Leaves For Dark Circles-

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Mint Leaves+hair care tips

Earlier mint was crushed to banish dark circles and improve blood circulation and nowadays it is an active ingredient in so many eye creams and skin care products to give similar results!

Sattvik Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser Review Tub+skin care brands

Even today so many women use mint ice cubes to instantly lighten the dark circles around the eyes!

Talcum Powder-

Marks and Spencer Rose Body Lotion and Rose Talc Review+talcum powder+body lotion reviews

Dry shampoo may be the latest fad these days but generations before women used talcum powder to give an instant lift to the limp hair and without much effort or trip to the salon they could style their hairstyle without washing or conditioning!

Ice Cold water for ageless looks-

Ice Cube

Botox  is the latest trend and back to the generations when there were fewer cosmetic developments, women used ice cold water to give cool treatment to the face so as to constrict the blood vessels of the skin which would give a firm looking skin with improved blood circulation! Well, even today, if you are feeling restless and dull skin rubbing an ice all over the skin can give you the best fresh feel without any cost! 🙂

Well, these were some beauty hacks which are so old and have been passing on since several generations, still the importance has not decreased!

Hope you like these beauty hacks!

Have you tried any of these instant beauty hacks?

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