Visiting Hong Kong Ladies Market And fake Louis Vuitton


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Do you people like travelling? Well, we all do right. I, personally, just can’t live without exploring different places, cultures and foods. I keep on travelling both within and outside India to get the best flavour every place has to offer both in terms of food and beauty. But one thing is there that surely is on my travelling list every time I visit a place and that is shopping! Do you even expect an Indian woman who is on a holiday to return without having gifts for her nanad and bhabhi? Umm! No, it is surely not possible. One of the prime destinations to visit and shop for Indians outside India is HongKong.

This place is full of beauty and is a shopping paradise for all shopaholics. There are a number of markets and shopping destinations in HongKong but most of them are damn costly. But among those high-end places, there is a very affordable place in HongKong that can really help you to shop your heart’s content without a heavy pocket pinch and that is the HongKong ladies market. This market is really famous and read on to know what exciting things can be found there.


stanley market road


This is the official name of the market which you can see above. The Hong Kong Ladies market is a very famous tourist destination in HongKong that stretches for 1 km and has a variety of clothing, accessories and shoe collection for women of all ages. This market is the perfect destination to test your bargaining skills as you have to bargain a lot in these aisles.


things in the hong kong market


Not only clothing, this place has a variety of other things as well to steal your attention. Look at the show pieces and fancy items and I am sure you want to buy them all.


jewellery market hong kong


How can a woman’s shopping be complete without jewellery? The jewellery shops in this place are full on gorgeous that a girl can feel like standing there for the whole day! Every piece hanging from the stores deserved a place in a girl’s jewellery collection if you can spend the moolah!

showpieces at hong kong market

Just take a moment and appreciate these cute pieces from the market! They will look super cute in our drawing rooms. And you will be shocked at the affordability guys! Everyone can just pick some of them for your relatives as well.

things i saw in hong kong market

Who can miss these hanging down show pieces which looked like red chilli? These are quite unique ones which are rarely seen in Indian local markets. Everyone can have their share of goods here.

things in the market

Even the shoe market is such a nice one! We girls can shop for our whole lives and when it comes to shoes, there is no turning back from that shop, right? Shoes for every age group and everyone is there. You can choose your pair, bargain and buy accordingly!

shoes at the market


Now, coming to the favourite and most interesting part of the post. Bags! And not just any bag, a perfect fake of Louis Vuitton bags. As we all know Louis Vuitton is an international luxury brand for handbags and all leather goods. Their designs are appreciated and duped all over the world but the quality of dupes that is found in this HongKong ladies market is way better than normal fake we see in the Indian market. These are so good that anyone can confuse them for being real! You will love each and every bag you see here and according to an Indian budget friendly woman, if you can get fakes at such affordable rates, then why buy the original?

louis vuitton bag fakes 1


These are some purses and clutch that can be seen in the market and wow! they looked really real.

louis vuitton fakes 2


And with this, I come to the end of the post. It is practically not possible to cover everything in a blog post especially these beauties and a real life experience. So I have a great option for you!

You can check out my vlog on this Hong Kong Ladies market in which you can see these images along with many other. Please see the vlog here

I hope you all like my post and vlog about this market just like I am excited to share with you all. Do visit this place and HongKong with your loved ones and I’m sure you will be as happy as I am!




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