Vita-Age Prestige Collection- Bottega Di Lungavita Face Cream – First Impression



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Vita-Age Prestige Collection- Bottega Di Lungavita Face Cream

Hello people,

Today I am here again with a first impressions’ post. I received a Bottega di LungaVita face cream with colloidal platinum which belongs to their Vit-Age Prestige Range.
Bottega di LungaVita products from the VITA-AGE Prestige range is an Anti Ageing Range and deals in products which are meant to take care of aging skin.

Let us see what impact did this cream leave on me after trying out its sample.


Vita-Age Prestige Collection Face Cream


Read on.

About Vita-Age Prestige Collection Face Cream:

It is an exclusive ant aging treatment with nourishing, regenerating and toning action. *Enriched with Colloidal Platinum and Silicon. *Natural active ingredients with excellent emollient and dermal restorative properties to nourish, soften and rehydrate deep down. *Useful for preventing and delaying cutaneous ageing phenomena.

Active Ingredients: Colloidal Platinum, Organic Silicon, Gardenia Jasminoides Stem Cells, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Plant Ceramides, Mediterranean wheat germ oil and olive oil, Vitamin A & Vitamin E

Directions For Use: Apply generous quantity of product twice a day to a perfectly cleaned face and neck, massaging delicately with circular moves.


Vita-Age Prestige Collection Face Cream sample


Price: INR 3500

Net Wt: 50 ml

My experience with Vita-Age Prestige Collection Face Cream:

Packaging: I received a 5 ml sized sample tube. The brand sells this cream in a translucent glass bottle which has a matte silver cap that screw opens. You will have to dip in your fingers to get the cream. Luckily I got it in tube which is more hygienic to use.


Bottega Di Lungavita Vita-Age Prestige Face Cream


Texture: The cream is for aging skin and is not of a very thick consistency like that of a cream, instead is slightly light and blends easily without many efforts. I am quite happy with its not so thick consistency. It is easy to blend and is soaked in skin within few seconds. It nourishes skin well and does not make my skin feel dry.


Vita-Age Face Cream with Colloidal Platinum


My Take: This cream is supposed to work for aging skin. Though I have dry skin but I do not have any skin aging issues; at the age of 24 skin does not really has aging issues.

I used this cream regularly for 10 days as per directions and can say that this cream is really nice. It was capable of taking care of my dry skin as well. There was no major difference in my skin’s appearance but yes it felt a bit suppler after every use.

I adore its texture and its efficiency in keeping my dry skin feel nourished. Love the fact that it is not at all heavy and is completely soaked in skin without leaving any greasy residue.


Vita-Age Prestige Collection Face Cream swatch


Coming to its claim of diminishing blemishes and dark spots, I can say that with a mere usage of ten days we cannot expect to see miraculous results. If my first impressions are to be considered, I can only say that this cream did not break me out, did not give me any allergic reactions, it kept my dry skin well nourished and made my skin feel suppler.

Have you tried Vita-Age Prestige Collection Face Cream?

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